February 05, 2011

2PM’s First Concert DVD

記念すべき1stコンサートライブを収めた2PM初のライブDVD発売決定!! (2011.2.2)

■タイトル『2PM 1st Concert in SEOUL“DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP”』
■発売日 2011年3月30日
初回生産限定盤:BVBL-55~56  7,800円(税込)  
通常盤:BVBL-57  4,980円(税込)



Collected in Commemoration of 2PM’s 1st Concert, 2PM’s First Live [Concert] DVD ― Release Confirmation!! (2011.2.2)
  • Title:『2PM 1st Concert in SEOUL “DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP”』
  • Release Date: 2011/03/30 
  • Item’s Stock Number/Price:First-Press Limited Edition Recording: BVBL-55~56 7800 Yen (tax included) [95.50 USD]
    Regular Edition: BVBL-57 4980 Yen (tax included) [60.97 USD]

The first-run, limited edition recording will come in a splendid box packaging, and includes a special DVD with behind the scenes footage!
Plus, a LIVE photo book with gorgeous hardcover binding is included!
Regardless of whether you order a limited edition or regular edition DVD (first-press editions), both will contain one deluxe photo-card, randomly chosen out of six different types.

This is 2PM’s own first Live DVD, a compiled using the model of their encore performance of their first solo-concert that occurred in September of 2010 in Korea. Their first, full, live concert was carried out two years after they made their Korean debut on September 4, 2008. Their fans who had longed for their live concert rushed to buy tickets and the tickets immediately sold out that same day. With feelings of gratitude towards their fans that were unable to attend the concert, 2 more additional performances where 2PM could celebrate the 2 year anniversary of their debut with their fans were carried out on September the 4th and 5th.
These encore performances were also a success and were called legendary concerts which fans, even from Japan, rushed to.
Since we were rushed with requests from many fans to release a DVD, we have settled upon DVD release!

Within this same DVD, we have compiled the impressive encore concert that occurred on September 5th. The DVD also compiles 2PM’s live stage with dances full of energy and hit songs fully loaded with intensity, as well as the intervals where their beastly performance disappears and these perfect idols are honest without holding back.
Plus there’s the incredibly moving, tear inducing moment at the encore when the fans gave 2PM an unexpected present!!
Also, the first-run, limited edition recording includes a special extra DVD filled with the member’s honest faces backstage.

This is definitely a recommended item [for fans] that is packed with 2PM’s charms. Look forward to it!!

From the HMV Official Site Homepage: The DVD is already number 1 on the HMV Music and Overall Ranking Charts.

*t/n For those who wish to order this, both the Regular edition and Limited edition are up on HMV’s site for pre-order. They have international shipping to most countries and shipping price varies by continent.

Source: 2PM’s Official Japanese Website
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org
May be taken out with credits.

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