November 27, 2010

Nichkhun and Victoria’s newlywed life

MBC’s “We Got Married” showed Nichkhun and Victoria’s envious newly-wed life.

On the 26th, a photo of the couple was released, depicting them in matching pink and blue aprons, looking ludicrously adorable, while simultaneously frying a heart-shaped egg, giving off a warm and cosy vibe.

Victoria@ ‘Lotte Duty Free Shop Family Concert’

2PM Arriving In Macau

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Khuntoria, are they dating for real ?? Viewers' anticipating !!!

Virtual couple khuntoria flaunted their love and it has became a hot topic. On the 27/11 WGM broadcast , revealing their loving interactions. Victoria wants to cook piping hot cuisine , taking up the challenge to cook sweet and sour pork. Once again, Nichkhun became ‘Aegyo Nichkhun’ as he went to follow Victoria’s Aegyo actions.
Furthermore, Nichkhun helped Victoria to wear her apron naturally and that backhug scene. Lastly , with the scene where both of them looked at each other with love while eating their noodles.

Khuntoria Episode 22 English Translations


Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 8

N: Wanna drink something?
N: Hehe wake up~
V: I slept like this on this side right? Feels like I’m getting a cramp on (the other side)
V: Thank you~
V: We’re going (to Thailand) the day after tomorrow~ There are two days left
N: Oh yeah that’s right…
V: What to do !!
N: Just… (be yourself and) do it comfortably… Why are you worrying?
N: We’re going to meet my family…
N: If we give f(x) signed CD… I think they’ll like it?
//in the car//
N: We’re going to Thailand, aren’t we?
V: Eung~
N/V: It’s good!
V: I want to meet your youngest sister~
N: Oh really?
V: Eung
N: That’s right~
//N blackroom//
When they meet properly, will my parents like Victoria…? That kind of thought, I thought and am worrying about it a lot… They will like her!

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 7

V: I feel happy whenever I watch someone else eating the food i cook
N:yummy !
V: Fairy enough
N: your cooking is good!
V: Nickhun sshi’s good in everything he does as well right
N: my marriage seems really good
V:really (><)
N: Instead of watching TV at newlywed home, we cook together
[caption] First time attempting to cook together under the same roof
N:it really felt like a sweet/warm home, was really happy about it
V: Tired?

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 5 and 6

UncleJake: Ah so its easier to be opened?
MS: Nope =.=
MS: Just wanted them to try
Caption: The jajjangmyun packet that is finally opened
Caption: Vic wife that became even more anxious
Caption: Why did she choose to make such a hard dish - sweet sour pork?
V: I wanted to make a hot dish, those that can be eaten while its still hot
V: The last time i cooked for him, the dishes already cooled down as I packed them
Caption: Always felt regretful for the cooled down dishes made on his birthday
V: I want to make those dishes that can be eaten as soon as possible when it is done
Caption: Wish to eat dish when it is still hot during their first meal together

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 4

[caption] During the free time Khun was..
[caption] fry a heart shaped egg
khun: yellow color!
misun mc: taking photos again. again!
khun: 1 2 3 ~
[caption] My wife and i and yellow color heart(refer to the egg colour)
[caption] but
khun: careful x 3
vic : ouch painful
khun: painful?
[caption] scalded by the hot oil while frying sweet and sour pork

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 3

khun: wooh it really is starting to look like the real sweet sour pork
misun mc : do you envy them?
jiwoo: yup very envy
jongmin mc: looks happy ahh, but if you are married for 5 years already…..
misun mc: will rather just order takeaway right?
[caption] just eat sweet sour pork at the chinese restaurant nearby!
vic: ah~ apron!
[caption] imitate the wife
khun: apron apron~~
[caption] after finding the apron, of course must wear
khun: victoria little friend
vic: eh?
khun: nichkhun little friend
khun: ohh so cute
[caption] The couple that slowly resembles each other…
jongmin mc: ahh, just nice i’m hungry now

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Part 1 and 2

Caption: 2 Days before Thailand visit
Caption: The two of them wearing couple shirts
MiSun: Oh wearing couple t!
JinWoon: (Victoria) became prettier!
MS: Oh you mean V became prettier?
Seulong: That’s because they have a house already
UncleJake: Victoria has always been pretty!
Caption: The scary uncle fan that became sensitive
Caption: Started making the sweet sour pork after ordering jajjangmyun (black bean sauce noodles)

Khuntoria Episode 22

Part 1

Part 2

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November 23, 2010

F(x) 2011 Calendar Promotional Clip

Translation:We’re F(x), Hello. 2011 Calendar featuring f(x) is finally going to release. Please give lot of love !

Credits : gyapower07 & iheartfxtv @ Youtube
Trans : Yurisistable @ SMTownJjang

November 22, 2010

SM Entertainment denies f(x) coming back as a 4 member group.

Recently, rumors about 5 member girlgroup f(x) coming back as a 4 membered girlgroup has been surfacing around the internet for awhile. Today SM Entertainment clarifies the rumors about their f(4) comeback.On the 

Most popular Korean Idols in Brazil

2010 Best Selling Female Releases

The top 10 best selling female Korean releases of the year. Sales period accounted for is January 1st – November 19th

Victoria and Sulli attended “The Warrior’s Way” world premiere event

SHINee, SNSD, F(x) model for 2011 Calendar!

SHINee, Girls’ Generation and f(x) will be releasing a star calendar, showing their different types of styles. This is something that fans of them should definitely not miss!

Check out for more information below!

November 20, 2010

f(x) at the 2010 Valkyrie Concert

If SNSD were present on the Power FM Concert yesterday, their Hoobaes were also busy with the schedule of their own and they were present at the 2010 Valkyrie Concert.

Check out f(x)'s video clip and pictures below.

f(x) for Marie Claire

f(x) members Victoria, Sulli and Krystal have been so active promoting with Calvin Klein Jeans for the past few months and if you're liking their past pictorials. Here's more...

Check out f(x)'s photos for Marie Claire~

Nichkhun gets frustrated over Victoria’s change of heart

2PM member Nichkhun recently made a frustrated remark over Victoria’s indecisiveness.
The November 20th episode of MBC’s We Got Married revealed the couple moving into their new house.

f(x) kindly poses for fans in France

f(x) recently travelled to France in order to film some scenes for their reality show, “f(x) Koala“. A fortunate

2AM members reveal Nichkhun’s drinking and sleeping habits

2PM Nichkhun’s drinking and sleeping habits were unveiled on the latest episode of MBC’s “Quiz That Changed The World.”

Khuntoria Episode 21

Part 1

Part 2

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November 07, 2010

You Can Meet 2PM! A DVD With a Dream of a Ticket Enclosed

The popular Korean, 6-membered male group, 2PM will carry out their DVD release and debut in Japan on the 24th of this month. It was revealed on Nov. 4th that they will invite six fans backstage to their event at
 Tokyo Ryokoku Kokugikan (famous hall of Sumo in Tokyo) on December 8th.
Carrying the sign of “Korea’s Strongest Artists” along with the nickname of “Beast Idols” on their back, 2PM’s landing in Japan is an ultra-surprising present.

Khuntoria Couple revealed their newlywed house

Nichkhun and Victoria revealed their luxurious newlywed house
on WGM that broadcasted on 6th November 2010, Victoria and nichkhun moved to their new house on their 100th Day anniversary. Their newlywed house looks so pretty and cozy.

[Pictures] F(x) Victoria – Sheepskin Winter Boots

f(x) to return with a second mini-album?

Star Audition Message from Victoria

Translation:  Welcome to MBC Star Audition, the global hunt for the next Asian pop-star, powered by YouTube.

Anyone who loves to sing K-POP can apply regardless national origin, age and gender. Check out the videos of your favorite Korean stars encouraging you to be the next Asian pop star.

Apply now to become the next Korean pop star!

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101106 2PM Star King

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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101107 Section TV 2PM

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Dream Team next week preview with Victoria

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Khuntoria 100 days' wedding anniversary support

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November 05, 2010

2PM - SBS Power Time (I Can’t).

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Nichkhun Mentions Victoria @SBS Radio Choi Hwa Jung

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I'm finally back!!!

Hi Khuntorians,

I'm officially back!!! No more admission stuff or essays I'm done with that. I submitted all the requirements last Thursday (October 30th), so all I have to do is wait for the admission decision. Everything is going according to its plan. I hope everything will turn out good.

2PM Music Core Performance

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F(x) Victoria, Sulli & Krystal for High Cut Magazine

Koala Episode 4 with Eng Sub

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Photos of Nichkhun and Victoria revealed from WGM

Korean broadcasting company MBC has unveiled a teaser photo of Nichkhun and Victoria from an upcoming episode of reality TV show “We Got Married.”

Koala Episode 3 with Eng Sub

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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F(x) Victoria, Luna & Krystal – Rescue TV 17th Republic of Korea Award Ceremony

2PM Nichkhun thanks his wife in his album thanks to

Nichkhun wrote a message to his wife Victoria in his “Still 2:00 PM” thanks to.

Lee Kikwang Confirms that he is a two-timer?… “I like Miss A and f(x)”


그룹 비스트 멤버 이기광이 걸그룹 양다리를 인증했다?
이기광은 18일 방송된 KBS 2TV 예능프로그램 ‘해피버스데이’에 출연해 “나는 미쓰

Khuntoria couple gets a new house on 100th day anniversary

Nichkhun and Victoria will finally get their newly-wed house on ‘We Got Married‘ for their 100th day anniversary.