October 26, 2010

Nichkhun’s grandma asks about Victoria, “Do you guys sleep together?”

Nichkhun shared a comical story that emerged from his grandma’s misunderstanding of “virtual marriage,” in “We Got Married”.

On the October 26th airing of “Strong Heart”, Nichkhun shared the story of his trip to his homeland, Thailand, with F(x)’s Victoria.

Nichkhun said, “I introduced Victoria to my family by saying ’she is my wife’.  Everyone was surprised.  Especially my grandma as she asked why I didn’t tell her of my marriage.”
He explained to his grandma the concept of “virtual marriage,” but she seemed like she didn’t fully understand it.

Victoria and Nichkhun dancing to "i'll be back"

Analysis on Khuntoria’s Uncut version

*notice at the 0.07s
At the starting,Victoria was holding on to her phone,
Nichkhun walk to her, snatch her phone to adjust the sound volume…
See carefully, Victoria is still holding on to her phone, and Nichkhun hold Victoria’s hands while adjusting the sound volume to the maximum….
It was confirmed Nichkhun is holding on to Victoria’s phone as his phone is in his pocket… that black cat phone
Lol.. get the picture…??
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Unseen Video khuntoria couple from iMBC


Baskin Robbins photoset - Nichkhun

Nickhun at Starking 102510

The first car date in Khuntoria’s married life.


The first car date in Khuntoria’s married life. 
MBC’s virtual married variety show “We Got Married 2“‘s Nichkun drove Victoria and had their first car date after getting his driving license. 
The episode shown on 23 Oct showed Nickhun at Victoria’s dormitory asking her for a date. Aside from the date, the other important thing is that Nichkhun got his driver’s license. Nichkun said “I got my driver’s license when Victoria was in America for a concert. After sending her a message that I am going to take my license, I lied that I did not pass.’ Because Victoria fell for it, I felt happy. Hiding near Vic’s dormitory in his manager’s car, Nichkhun managed to have a surprise attack on Victoria, causing her to be shocked. Victoria was immediately aware that Nichkhun got his driver’s license. Nickhun finally admitted that he did and they began their happy date.  
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The first car date in Khuntoria’s married life. 

Entertainment Tonight - Spris Filming [Eng Sub]

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Khuntoria Episode 19 Preview Eng Subbed

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October 18, 2010

2PM for Spris 2010 Autumn

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I’ll Be Back Dance Tutorial [Eng Subbed]

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2PM Monkey3 interview

#1. I’ll be back!! 6 men coming back, 2PM

2PM’s comeback, quickly rose in ‘music charts’

The male group 2PM released their mini-album yesterday and has quickly spread its popularity.

101410 2PM in Mnet Countdown


Netizens, “We want to save Nichkhun from an earthquake.”

2PM’s Nichkhun won first place in a poll, “The male idol I want to save when there’s an earthquake.” A movie poll was conducted under the movie, Earthquake, for a week from 6th to 12th October, “Who is the male idol you want to save when there’s an earthquake?” And 2PM’s Nichkhun had a landslide win with 68% votes.

2PM – I’ll be back at Inkigayo 101017

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Top 20 Smiling-eye Male Idols in Chinese Newspaper

In a Chinese Newspaper, The Top 20 Smiling-eye Male Idols in Kpop was revealed.
the ranking goes like this.

2PM returns to M! Countdown with “I’ll Be Back”

What time is it, Hottests? It’s 2PM, baby!

2PM performs “I’ll Be Back” on Music Core

Ever since the boys of 2PM ended their promotions for “Without You“, the Hottests have been waiting patiently for them to step back onto the K-pop scene again. Lucky for the fans, 2PM returned after a short wait, and their performances are hotter than ever.

2PM along with 15 other artists to Attend 2010 Share the Love Concert

Nongshim, one of Korea’s popular noodle brands, just announced that 2pm along with Shinee, Tiara, Boa,

SM Town Live 2010 makes it to the America billboard.

 On the 15 of October, SM Entertainment announced that the SM Town Live 2010 World Tour has reached the top 10 in the America concert billboard in terms of concert ticketing.

This concert brought about startling records. Artists like BoA, Kangta, Yunho, Changmin, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), etc attracted about 15000 concert goers and a result of USD 1,100,000 in terms of ticketing sales.

F(x) Koala Episode 2 Eng sub

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Which girl groups does B2ST’s Ki Kwang like the most?

A recent confession by B2ST’Lee Ki Kwang about his interest for girl groups miss A and f(x) has been garnering attention.

Khuntoria Episode 17

Part 1

Part 2

Credits: wild2day

October 11, 2010

Psy challenges 2PM to a battle!

Singer Psy has challenged 2PM to a battle.

2PM releases “Still 2:00PM” mini album

2PM has just released their mini-album “Still 2:00PM” on October 11th (Korea).
Prior to this release, 2PM teased their fans with their acrobatic teaser for “Still 2:00PM“, topping Youtube’s most viewed charts by amassing 1 million views in two days. 

The boys also released an mv teaser for their track, “I’ll Be Back.”
“Still 2:00PM” shows the vocal and emotional growth the 2PM members have gone through since their last activities.  Coupled with the improved acrobatic performances teased in the MV, Hottests are waiting in anticipation for the release of their MV and their live comeback!

Check out “I’ll Be Back” and other tracks below!

2PM releases “I’ll Be Back” MV!

Did the concept photos and two teasers have you on the edge of your seats?  They sure did for us, and damn, was it worth the wait!

2PM is officially back with their MV for “I’ll Be Back,” and they are looking hotter than ever!  From the choreography to the music, no wonder 2PM’s fans are known as Hottests – these guys are on fire!

October 09, 2010

Nickhun at Asia-Pacific Super Model Contest 2010

NichKhun and Victoria spends time with the rest of their family

2pm NichKhun revealed that he had a great time with f(x) Victoria’s sisters.

Khuntoria couple necklace?

NichKhun revealed that when he gets his licence he wants to take Victoria to the beach

2PM Receives Worldwide Attention With Just MV Teaser For Still 2PM


2pm’s mv teaser which was uploaded on youtube showing their acrobatic skills is receiving worldwide attention and is becoming a hot topic.

Hyomin is now Victoria’s folding screen

Two months after Hyomin’s teary separation with Sunny, she has found her new “light” to “shadow”. On the October 8th airing of “Invincible Youth“, the G7 girls visited a grape farm and transported grapes for the elderly.

2PM’s Nichkhun reveals a new hairstyle

With 2PM releasing their long-awaited teaser for Still 2:00PM a few days ago, Nichkhun has been preparing for the comeback with a new hairdo that he wanted to show off especially to 2PM’s dedicated fans.

2PM Teaser Video "Still 2:00PM"

Credit: 2PM

2PM Teaser Video ”I’ll be back”

Credit: 2PM

2PM’s Japanese introduction

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Khun does not know who Song Seung Hun is

2PM’s Nichkhun shocked everyone when he said he did not know who Hallyu star Song Seung Hun was.

101008 2PM - Without You

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2PM & Miss A appears on Radio Star

Curiosity rises as the top stars 2PM and miss A appears on ‘Radio Star’ of MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery’.It has been told that 2PM’s members Taecyeon and Wooyoung, miss A’s Suzy and Min will be participating in the recording on the 6th and people are estimating that since they spent their trainee days together, there will be many episodes that fans will be curious about.

Also, Tony Ahn from H.O.T, who have recently been discharged from the army will appear on ‘Knee Guru’ that is broadcasting on the 6th. He will also be a guest MC on ‘Radio Star’, which is recording on the 6th, and is expecting to meet 2PM and miss A on the set.

Khuntoria Episode 16 Translation

1st part
the black room nichkhun said, 2 months ago, vic always call him pabo nichkhun but this time, he;ll show his cool side to her and their daugthers….

the mc on the room just keep saying, no no he cant fall,

 vic said it looks scary (caption: worried for her husband)

then the mc said, it’s really hard to do that if we not really good at it,

misun sad: hell try again??

when khun was standing….misun MC: what to do, you cant……then khun fell….


Victoria, Krystal, Sulli - W Korea Fashion Show

Khuntoria Episode 16

Part 1

Part 2

Credit: wild2day

Koala Episode 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Credit:  fx3ffect

Koala Episode 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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October 07, 2010

New Layout

Hi Khuntorians,

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October 02, 2010

[CF] -Nichkhun Baskin Robbins

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f(x) Koala Launching Event

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2pm OPPO Blink Blink Bloom is coming real soon!!!


f(x) - Public Transport Campaign Song

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[Real 2PM]- 2PM in Taiwan 2

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Nichkhun and Victoria is gonna appear on designer Lee Sangbong’s fashion show

Nichkhun at Baskin Robbins fansigning event

NichKhun Nervous Before Meeting f(x)

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria meet with their f(x) ‘children’

Khuntoria Ep 15

Part 1

Part 2

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