January 02, 2011

f(x) leaves messages for fans

f(x) recently greeted their fans through messages on their official homepage.

On January 2nd, f(x) directly uploaded their scanned autographs and notes onto their official homepage. Sulli even drew bunny ears in her message to acknowledge 2011 as being the ‘Year of the Rabbit’.

However, what has caught the most attention was the absence of Amber’s autograph and message. Though puzzled over her continued absence, fans were still delighted with the sweet messages left by the group.

Luna: Happy New Year everyone, and please give f(x) more love! I love you <3

Sulli: 2011 Happy New Year!!

Victoria: Happy New Year <3 Please be happier in 2011~

Krystal: Everyone~ Happy! New Year :)

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

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