October 09, 2010

Khuntoria Episode 16 Translation

1st part
the black room nichkhun said, 2 months ago, vic always call him pabo nichkhun but this time, he;ll show his cool side to her and their daugthers….

the mc on the room just keep saying, no no he cant fall,

 vic said it looks scary (caption: worried for her husband)

then the mc said, it’s really hard to do that if we not really good at it,

misun sad: hell try again??

when khun was standing….misun MC: what to do, you cant……then khun fell….


at the black room: nichkhun said there was a lot of people and they were like woooo, i think victoria wanted to try it…, i think she want to (laugh)

when they were walking, khun was asking where they would go to teach them swimming, luna said they cant be here (pointing the place) coz it’s so noisy)

at the swimming pool, vic ask where they would go, khun said in a good place to learn swimming, vic said i can’t, i will die, i will die..

khun said, you wont die…vic said i might die, …..

at the black room khun:before, she said as long as she did not die, it okay (remembering the episode in the train), but I’m worried for her, she might die. when i was young my parents teach me by leaving me in the water and say come here come here„„so now i want to teach victoria.

then when khun went in the water luna said, appa show us your skills,

swim …then he swim….

then the mc said, he’s good, he’s really good at it…

 khun started to teach vic, said: you feet should be like this,

vic: i must get drown. khun: you should do like this with your feet

vic said this is really hard…………………i’ll skip here since this is all bout the swimming lesson, nothing is important..

the captions said (when vic was backhugging khun) got caught by the wife, then daugthers came…trying to het away and run (caption)

mc: even if it;s tiring like that, it’s still enjoying

when vic try to scared khunni: the caption did the wife get choked, husband is worried….

MC: why, what happened: then vic smile and laugh,

khun: you scared me to death.

seulong caption was: a tewnty five year old man, jinwon captionwas: eyes are focused, jinwoon

the old man caption: i can do better, i want to be there, nayoung caption: i envy her, i want to be her

then luna challenged khun to race in swimming, first to get near to vic wins…

misun: he’s really good

caption: nichkhun abilitites that suprised everyone…

krystal: how could you do that.  luna: yopu can’t do that (caption, should lose for the daughters)

khun: how could i lose, daughters: you should…..then playback, remember the 2nd mission, should do the ballet swimming

khun said, i just wanted to look cool„„,luna said: appa do a ballet swimming here………then he did

at the black room:i dont know what to do, i lust lift my legs like that and the response was good, i was like did i did well?glad the kids felt it was good.

then they remember the punishment for vic and sulli, One of the kids (can’t determine who, sorry) said, lift umma there…then he carry vic,

 sulli said:there are a lot of people here.

then they danced the song heartbeat by 2pm…caption: doing good„„„„„„

when khun was taking a video, he said: where is here?

 Sullie: khun appa and vic umma play with us. Krystal: to play in the water with us…sulli: a lot of people came here too..

when khun was taking a video, he said: where is here? sullie” khun appa and vic umma play with us. krystal” to play in the water with us…sulli: a lot of people came here too…

2nd part

at the black room, vic:because of the members, because of nichkhun, like a family playing, it’s really my first time. although were not a real family and just a make believe family, i’m still happy. if fact,. for me, i should feel worried, not just like playing with friend, i;m worried about them, look after them, taking care of the daughters and be a middle man between the husband, but today only felt happiness.

at the restaurant……mc: after playing they must be really hungry….

vic: remember the first wish? luna: make us happy 5 times.khun: almost 10…100times

sulli: the 2nd wish, menu sense. khun: well…to you….

Mc: the most difficult one is to choose menu for them

misun mc: men only eat, they have the least sense in picking menu..

sulli: the 4th one, should take a family potrait,

 luna: we shuld do it. khun:around here, there’s this photo gallery, let’s find it

khun: now let’s eat! hungry right? daughters: ahh, yes…khun: let’s start with wine…..the girls laugh LUNA: we(somewhat pointing themsellves) minors…khun: then only  2 of us(2 people to drink)

khun: hungry now right: daughters; yes….VIC: our daughter wants to eat..

khun: want to eat VIC: right DAUGHTERS: yes  SULLI: Pasta, KHUN: you like pasta? DAUGHTERS:yes

khun: you like spaghetti, DAUGHTERS:yes, khun:tomato sause you like it? DAUGHTERS:we like it

khun: i can eat it LUNA: you’re like umma

khun:ceasar salad, steak, this with sauce, spaghetti, hawaiian? VIC: the expensive one, the most expensive

while ordering, looking at krystal expression less, khun to krystal: do not like it?

 VIC: while picking food, look at the daughters expression……

khun:i just read a litlle…khun just keep choosing daughters were expressionless…(i would not go on detailed here, it’s just the food, hehe)

khun: i’ll choose, say stop (to vic) VIC: stop KHUN:combination

 kristal: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….KHUN” don’t like combination?

combination————-this is like the every resto promo in korea, like once rice with the dishes on it, so it’s cheaper the other meals…..

luna:appa what is your ideal type?

KHUN:not all the same thing…..good, nice to others/parents, pretty (look at vic) KRYSTAL: ( looking at vic) good, nice, pretty, cooks well VIC:i’m shy

luna:vic umma have strengths and weaknesses, when she’s nervous, happy, when face looks angry, like today, at the start, she’s a little bit angry. But now she’s happy, a little nervous…when appa asked, are you angry? she just act angry to look you reaction, want to see the reaction but worried about.

began to eat….misun mc:today the father will buy the food right? uncle mc: it should be..

vic:until now, we havent had nicknames for each other….

SULLI:to be honest i don’t like nichknames like honey dear, but there’s no other.

khun: she likes childish thing so i asked her if we can called prince and princess but she doesn’t like it

LUNA: prince and princess but when you’re acngry you can’t say prince

KHUN: prince(with angry face), this, you can call like this VIC:well we have to chose one name the only us can have KHUN:the frog and the duck?

sulli: whos is frog? khun: i:m the frog. vic: why?

 KHUN: then if you don’t want frog just say ……..(he made a sounds of frogs) like this vic: i can’t do that

krystal:that’s funny… SULLI” i know how to do it, oahhhhhh, like this….everyone laughed

luna: then honey and sweetie (not sure with this one but something like this),

sulli: appa and umma, how’s that? KHUN” oh that’s cute…KRYSTAL: that’s good

khun:it’s nice, because my parents use the same thing in thailand

VIC: really KHUN:yes VIC: appa KHUN: oh? VIC: appa KHUn: yes umma?

sulli: well, LUNA: it’s natural, KHUN: then sulli got it first

then they went to the photo gallery„„…..staff: how many people ALL:5,

SULLI, hang it in your home, KHUN: i see

 LUNA: i’m nervous to do family photo, vIC: I’m nervous

MC: family photos like that is so good…..skip here since they were just entrusting the poses….

krystal:we have schedule to do so we have to leave first, KHUN: did you enjoy it? daughters: we did KHUN: i”m happy to meet you daughters: thank you

the couple: KHUN: you passed the exam right? VIC: yes KHUN: can you drive quickly now on the road? VIC” not yet. because there’s no time to practice this week

khun: what are you doing on wednesday? VIC: i’ll shoot an MV with kangta oppa KHUN: thursday? VIC there’s photography„,KHUN: saturday? sunday?

vic: there is photography KHUN (disappointed):really? VIC(knowing why husband asking her): iwant to go to the concert KHUN: ah you know it VIC: i know khun: that

VIC: i can;t go, saturday, we had to go for a trip khun: sighhhhhhhhhhhh

khun: the one in busan? VIC:busan?

 KHUN: on this saturday sunday, the concert was finished, the next one wil be next week, saturday and sunday in busan

VIC:if you want me to come, then i’ll come, i want to see it

KHUN: then i’ll buy you a ticket

VIC: really?

misun MC:he said she’ll buy her a ticket!

 khun: be sure to come VIC: nod

in the black room…..staff: why did you invite her?

khun:i prepared a lot for this, i want.. victoria to listened to it, i should do well, i prepare a lot and i wanted her to see it..

 vic: my husband prepare a lot, I want 2 see it…

translation : JIHYE @khuntoria chatrooms

PS: sorry for spelling eror 
thx to tnio @ soompi

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