October 09, 2010

NichKhun and Victoria spends time with the rest of their family

2pm NichKhun revealed that he had a great time with f(x) Victoria’s sisters.

On the 9th Broadcast of We got married, 2pm’s NichKhun and f(x) Victoria spent time and went out with the rest of f(x) making them a happy family. Luna, Krystal and Sulli went out with the virtual couple and took a family photo with them.

Sulli said that NichKhun was a good dad. NichKhun treated the three other f(x) members as their daughters and they went out to play games and swimming.

When their family photo was revealed, It seemed as though it was a pictorial.

Source: Nate
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

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