October 02, 2010

NichKhun Nervous Before Meeting f(x)

Nichkhun and Victoria have become one of viewer’s favourite couples on MBC‘s We Got Married. While they grow closer and closer with every episode, Nichkhun had yet to meet the rest of Victoria’s ‘family’ during the broadcasting.

It was said that Nichkhun broke out into a cold sweat in anticipation to meeting the f(x) members. After jokingly calling Victoria a mom, it seems that Nichkhun has suddenly become a father to four talented daughters. Fans have speculated that Amber was resting in California during the recording of this episode.

Despite his initial nerves, Nichkhun was able to fulfill wishes that the girls had written out for him. Producers said that a completely different side of Nichkhun would be seen in this episode.

Meanwhile, this episode of We Got Married will be aired on the 2nd of October at 5:15 PM.

Source: Bae SunYoung@Nate News
Translated by khy127@Wild2Day
Written by wonderwonders@kpoplive.com

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