October 09, 2010

Khun does not know who Song Seung Hun is

2PM’s Nichkhun shocked everyone when he said he did not know who Hallyu star Song Seung Hun was.

During MBC’s ‘Section TV’ which was aired on October 8th, Nichkhun was found in an ice cream shop, promoting an event for an ice-cream company. Nichkhun was able to spend quality time with his fans after a long absence, as he directly made desserts and sold ice-cream at a local Baskin Robbins store. He also held a fan signing, where he shook the hands of each of his fans, who expressed their love for him in return.

When the interviewer asked him whether he was sad that f(x) Victoria’s ideal man was Song Seung Hun, Nichkhun laughed and said “I don’t… know who Song Seung Hun is… So I don’t feel sad at all.”

With regards to any road trips planned between him and Victoria since he finally passed his driver’s test, Nichkhun answered, “I want to go to the beach~ I told her that when I get my license, we were to run away.”

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