October 11, 2010

Psy challenges 2PM to a battle!

Singer Psy has challenged 2PM to a battle.

Currently preparing for his official comeback with his 5th album, “Psy Five,” on October 20th, Psy released a promotional poster with him challenging 2PM by shouting, “Let’s battle at 2:00 PM!”

2PM and Psy’s promotion cycles will be overlapping, making them some of the major contestants to fight for the #1 spot on various music programs. Psy’s agency, YG Entertainment, stated, “Since their promotion cycles are overlapping, we made the poster for fun.”

2PM and Psy also both revealed their album tracks on the same day, with 2PM releasing “I’ll Be Back” and Psy releasing “In My Eyes” on the 11th. Psy’s full album is set to drop on the 20th.

Credit: allkpop

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