October 18, 2010

2PM Monkey3 interview

#1. I’ll be back!! 6 men coming back, 2PM

Monkey3: Hello 2PM! This is music website Monkey3.
2PM: Hello!! This is 2PM. 2PM really came back this time. Please expect to see a strong performance!!
Monkey3: Please introduce your mini album “Still 2:00PM’.
2PM: More than anything we wanted to show things which haven’t changed within 2PM. We’re just as constant with our music and performance as our fans, who have never had a change of heart.
Monkey3: Usually during album recording various happenings occur. I wonder if there were any special happenings during your preparation.
Junsu: It was hard preparing the acrobatics part. Junho got injured suddenly, I got my finger hurt… Everyone wasn’t in their best condition, but in the end it turned out good as we kept on encouraging each other.
Junho: There’s a part in the title song “너는 다시 돌아 올꺼야” (neoneun dashi dora olkkeoya – you’ll come back again), I accidentally sang it out as “dashi doraolKKEUya” and naturally got scolded by Jinyoung-hyung.
Chansung: Mmm… no matter how you look at it, injuries occur quite frequently while doing acrobatics, so whenever that happens I always feel a heavy tug at my heart.
Taecyeon: There was a dance breaking part full of hard technical acrobatics which I was supposed to do with Junho, but during practice Junho injured his shoulder and I was really worried about it. I hope he gets well soon.
Wooyoung: I feel very thankful and sorry at the same time that Jinyoung-hyung once again had to write a title song for us.
Nichkhun: The dance was harder and more physically demanding than I initially thought; I remember sitting down to catch my breath after every single practice.
Monkey3: Seems like various problems occurred during choreography practice. Therefore, it makes our expectations grow even bigger. Please introduce a song from the album that you’ve grown attached to. Especially as Taecyeon is personally responsible for the rap-making in “Dance2Night”, I think he should be more emotionally attached to the song.
Junsu: While we were recording I really like all of the songs, but… I’ve grown more attached to “I Can’t”, because it’s a type of song that we usually don’t sing.
Junho: I like the title song – “I’ll be back” the most, because it is a song which is filled with the sweat that we’ve spilt during the time of our hard choreography practice.
Chansung: I like “I Can’t” the most, just like Junsu-hyung. I know it’s surprising, but I prefer quiet music. *laughs*
Taecyeon: Actually, even though I was responsible for rap-making twice this time, I realized I’m still lacking in many ways. However, I’m very thankful for the guys from Weekly Sweet for giving me the chance, having worked harder I want to show a better improvement in the future.
Wooyoung: I like all the songs, but among I probably could pick the song we worked together on with Ra.D-hyung. *laughs*
Nichkhun: Personally I like “Can’t forget your love” the most!
Monkey3: It’s “Shuffly dance” isn’t it? The performance for this album is extraordinary. Please tell us something about the choreography.
2PM: Think of it as an easily modified version of the Rabbit-dance from the 90’s. It’s a choreography that can make everybody excited and even cheerful despite the sad emotions which are presented in an enjoyable way through 2PM songs. It’s a dance changed with our unique strength. Try dancing along~!!

#2 Expecting more in the future, 2PM

Monkey3: Recently “Super StarK2” is becoming a great issue. There’s been a news that 2PM is going to be among the members of the screening panel for the international “Super Star K” audition. Are there special criteria you’re going to keep in mind while watching the audition? If you still haven’t debuted yet, would you like to audition?
Junsu: As far as I’m concerned, I’m looking for a type of singing which contains true feelings. There might be disagreement about questionable singing, but if song contains just a little truth, I believe it can put an end to all the disagreements.
Junho: I want to look at the will of the participants. I think it’s really important if they can express how much they want to become singers.
Chansung: I think confidence is important, because people are attracted to people who are confident. If I still hadn’t debuted… I think I would try getting involved. Isn’t it a good experience? *laughs*
Taecyeon: I think it would be great if a person auditioning had his/her own personal flavour or colour. That kind of feature would impress me the most, I think.
Wooyoung: I also think that confidence is important. Of course, skills are important when you’re on stage, but confidence comes first, I think.
Nichkhun: Mm… Rather than naming one particular feature I think the balance of all things is the most important.
Monkey3: Nichkhun is filming in “We Got Married. Are you enjoying your marriage?^^ Aren’t other members jealous? I’m curious about everyone’s ideal type and the age you’d like to get married at.
Junsu: It would be a lie if I said I’m not jealous, right? *laughs* My ideal type is someone with a nice laugh, a reliable woman. As far as the age goes… I’m not sure. I don’t really care about it much.
Junho: I want to be in WGM too!! *laughs* Just joking~ My ideal type is someone I just feel I can like, but I really don’t want to get married right now.
Chansung: I’m very jealous. And I don’t really know because I haven’t ever thought of marriage yet… *laughs*
Taecyeon: Actually I’m really jealous every time I see Khun and Victoria all happy on TV. I’ve always thought I’d like to get married at 28 years old, but now I think it would be impossible. *laughs*
Wooyoung: I really don’t think I’m jealous… but I guess I am. Idea type is a woman who would love only me; would there ever be such person? *laughs*
Nichkhun: I’m having a great timing filming the show, because Victoria is working hard helping me.
Monkey3: It’s been 2 years already since your debut. How do you feel about it? Any special 2-year-anniversary goals or pledges?
Junsu: It feels like 2 years have passed so fast. I would turn this moment in a beginning again and work even harder.
Junho: Rather than 2… even if 20 years passed by, I would still be on stage without a change of heart, trying to show the best performance I can!!
Chansung: I hope I can carry the passion I’ve got now, making music until the end!
Taecyeon: Mm… many things happened to us in these past 2 years, but I want to put the best of my efforts and work hard on stage until lots of people finally recognize 2PM.
Wooyoung: Whether it’s good times or sad times, I think we’ve been able to come this much because of the fans who’ve kept on watching over us. Let’s continue walking together forever!!
Nichkhun: 2 years is such a short period of time. I think I should always try hard as if it were my first time.
Monkey3: Is there any artist that 2PM considers as a role model?
Junsu: I think that for us the best role model is our Jinyoungie-hyung. *laughs*
Junho: Personally, I consider Jinyoungie-hyung and Rain-hyung to be my role-models. Also Usher and Michael Jackson!!
Chansung: I’m not sure… I can’t really point out a role model for 2PM as a group, but as far as I’m concerned I guess my role model is Jinyoungie-hyung.
Taecyeon: 2PM doesn’t have a particular role model per se, but there are many artists who’ve left a great impact for us. That would include Jinyoungie-hyung, Chris Brown and Usher among the main influences.
Wooyoung: Jinyoungie-hyung has become our perpetual model. We’re going to try hard in order to become someone else’s role model in the future.
Nichkhun: Jinyoungie-hyung, I love you. *laughs*
Monkey3: Thank you for giving me part of your time. Please say a final word for our Monkey3 users~
2PM: Please love lots our new album~!! 2PM fighting~!!
2PM-member-recommended songs, which empowers this languid autumn
Junsu: Remy Shand’s “Rocksteady”. This song is now my BGM. During autumn, it really feels like travelling and gives you strength…Autumn trip, perhaps? *laughs*
Junho: 2PM’s “I’ll be Back”!! *laughs* It really gives strength.
Chansung: I recommend teacher Kim Bum Soo’s song “to me” from his latest album~~!!
Taecyeon: Mm… Of course, it depends on the situation, but personally I always replenish my strength whenever I listen to our “Don’t stop Can’t Stop”.
Wooyoung: There’s this song by Ra.D “Eomma” (Mother). You’ll understand the reason for my recommending this when you listen to the song. *laughs*
Khun: I recommend Bi-hyung’s “Friends”!

Source: Monkey3
Trans by: Egle @ 2pmalways

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