October 18, 2010

2PM’s comeback, quickly rose in ‘music charts’

The male group 2PM released their mini-album yesterday and has quickly spread its popularity.

After 2PM’s new album was made public on the morning of the 11th, it became first on big music sites like Cyworld, Monkey3, Soribaba, etc, and has continued to be at the top of the charts today as well. Within the pictures that were released along with the album, 2PM seems to be coming back with a fiercer style and their new images have deeply attracted the attention of the fans.

2PM’s acrobatics teaser on youtube has more than 1 million views within two days, and the other teaser video has reached 570,000 views in two days as well. Korea’s top group’s performing ability and power to rally fans is definitely not modest. Additionally, there has been news of 2PM bringing special choreography on stage for , making everyone explode in anticipation.

JYP Entertainment stated, “Thank you for your attention and anticipation for 2PM’s comeback” and “We hope everyone will continue to anticipate an even cooler music and stage from 2PM.”
2PM will come back on Mnet’s live show ‘Mcountdown’ on the 14th.

Reporter: Kim Jihyun
Credit: TVDaily.co.kr
Article: http://tvdaily.co.kr/read.php3?aid=128684889693682010

Translated by khy127 @ W2D

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