October 26, 2010

Nichkhun’s grandma asks about Victoria, “Do you guys sleep together?”

Nichkhun shared a comical story that emerged from his grandma’s misunderstanding of “virtual marriage,” in “We Got Married”.

On the October 26th airing of “Strong Heart”, Nichkhun shared the story of his trip to his homeland, Thailand, with F(x)’s Victoria.

Nichkhun said, “I introduced Victoria to my family by saying ’she is my wife’.  Everyone was surprised.  Especially my grandma as she asked why I didn’t tell her of my marriage.”
He explained to his grandma the concept of “virtual marriage,” but she seemed like she didn’t fully understand it.

During the filming, Nichkhun’s grandma wasn’t happy with the couple’s ’seriousness and realism’, giving them angry stares.  She even asked, “Do you guys sleep together too?“, flustering Nichkhun and Victoria.

Nichkhun added, “I was under constant scrutiny,” who was trying to explain his relationship with Victoria to his grandmother, all while shooting the episode

Credit: allkpop

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