November 20, 2010

Nichkhun gets frustrated over Victoria’s change of heart

2PM member Nichkhun recently made a frustrated remark over Victoria’s indecisiveness.
The November 20th episode of MBC’s We Got Married revealed the couple moving into their new house.

In order to buy necessary items for the house, the two idols decided to visit a nearby market. For Victoria who is known to supposedly like the cartoon character Pororo, Nichkhun prepared a Pororo wallpaper. However, Victoria surprisingly didn’t accept the Poporo wallpaper as she stated her change of heart, “When I was studying Korean I used the Pororo book. I never said myself that I actually liked Pororo.”

In response to Victoria’s behavior, Nichkhun took out of his anger on the shopping cart items as he yelled, “Take it out, take it out, take it out. Take it all out!” Furthermore, the 2PM member showed his frustrated feelings by speaking Korean fast as he expressed, “It’s so confusing. She likes immature things but says she doesn’t because it’s too childish. She like Poporo but she doesn’t…” causing the audience members to laugh at his choice of words.

Credit: allkpop

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