November 05, 2010

I'm finally back!!!

Hi Khuntorians,

I'm officially back!!! No more admission stuff or essays I'm done with that. I submitted all the requirements last Thursday (October 30th), so all I have to do is wait for the admission decision. Everything is going according to its plan. I hope everything will turn out good.

Aside from that, I'm really enjoying my senior year and I'm having senioritis. I used to be on top of everything but now I'm all like "I can just turn in that work later". Thats really bad and I don't recommend doing that cuz colleges will look at ur final transcript.

Heres a picture of me at a college stadium!!! I really want to go to this college...

Anyways, so much about me... When Nichkhun was doing an event (Episode 18) I was just getting goosebumps. I'm really sorry but I really think it was just too cheesy with all the flowers. I was laughing my butt off the whole entire time, but it was still cute. He could have done better though!!!

Ok Khuntorians that about it...I'll talk to you guys later and I hope you guys have a wonderful day!!!


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