November 27, 2010

Khuntoria, are they dating for real ?? Viewers' anticipating !!!

Virtual couple khuntoria flaunted their love and it has became a hot topic. On the 27/11 WGM broadcast , revealing their loving interactions. Victoria wants to cook piping hot cuisine , taking up the challenge to cook sweet and sour pork. Once again, Nichkhun became ‘Aegyo Nichkhun’ as he went to follow Victoria’s Aegyo actions.
Furthermore, Nichkhun helped Victoria to wear her apron naturally and that backhug scene. Lastly , with the scene where both of them looked at each other with love while eating their noodles.

Audiences left comments after watching the episode such as “what atmosphere is that !!” , “eating noodle and looking at each other ?? OMO!!!” cheering getting loudly !!!
Especially, the scene where both of them were sleeping on the bed, audiences commented “that scene has been etched in my memory ever since” , ” it’s too sweet and lovely !!!” , ” I’m have been influenced by the lovely and happiness atmosphere” , “really thankful for that” etc… showing explosive reactions .
While other khuntoria fans stated if they really got together for real , we will give our best support .Furthermore, they commented ” this is definitely dating for real !!!!” , ” if they were not dating, how they could possibly gave those lovely yet truly glances??” . All were concerned about their relationship , and anticipating more interactions from them .
 - Cr:source/Nate, Chinese translation/willily0@winniebar, English translation/Valerie@khuntorialurve.

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Anonymous said...

i really hope they're for real ;*