November 20, 2010

2AM members reveal Nichkhun’s drinking and sleeping habits

2PM Nichkhun’s drinking and sleeping habits were unveiled on the latest episode of MBC’s “Quiz That Changed The World.”

2AM’s Seulong revealed Nichkhun’s strangely cute drinking habit. He shared, “Nichkhun gets a bit touchy-feely after drinking. I woke up one morning after having a drink the previous night, and found a lipstick kiss mark on my cheek.” The ‘kisser’ was revealed to be Nichkhun, who apologized to Seulong the day after the incident.

Teasing Nichkhun a little more, Changmin also talked about Nichkhun’s sleeping habits. “Nichkhun was drunk when I returned home from a reception at a JYP workshop, and he was sleep talking in Thai.”

Changmin then imitated Nichkhun’s sleepy babble, causing the other cast members on stage to crack up with laughter.

Source + Photo: Nate

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