November 27, 2010

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Part 1 and 2

Caption: 2 Days before Thailand visit
Caption: The two of them wearing couple shirts
MiSun: Oh wearing couple t!
JinWoon: (Victoria) became prettier!
MS: Oh you mean V became prettier?
Seulong: That’s because they have a house already
UncleJake: Victoria has always been pretty!
Caption: The scary uncle fan that became sensitive
Caption: Started making the sweet sour pork after ordering jajjangmyun (black bean sauce noodles)

MS: Dividing the jobs really well! Wife cooks while the husband cleans up
Caption: Khun hubbie busy scrubbing the plates
Caption: Even feeds the husband the ingredients
Caption: Husband begins to clear the rubbish after doing the dishes
N: Let me help you
Caption: Started to help out in stirring the sweet sour sauce
Caption: Very sincere!
Caption: Checking on Khun Chef
V: Doing well! You are not bad!
N: Thank you. hehehe
Caption: Starting to prepare the flour for the sweet sour pork
N: Pork is my favourite!
V: Oh i see.
Caption: But..
V: Ah its spilling! Wait yeah
Caption: Immediately needed guidance
V: Do it slowly
N: Can’t I do it faster?
V: If you do it too fast, it might spill everywhere.. the flour..
N: Oh it will taste nicer if I do it this way?
N: Ok then.
Caption: What is the comment from the wife?
V: This part… the side…
Caption: Got caught
N: So thats why guys and girls are different
V: In what way?
Caption: Khun chef that got scolding
N: Guys don’t really care about such small things
V: How can you not care? It won’t work if we don’t care.
N: Its not the last meal or so (Not sure here)
V: Issit?
N: Yeap
N: So interesting.
Caption: The couple that got to understand each other more under the same roof
V: Wa so interesting
Caption: The long awaited first meal together
Credit: khuntorialurve

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