November 27, 2010

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 3

khun: wooh it really is starting to look like the real sweet sour pork
misun mc : do you envy them?
jiwoo: yup very envy
jongmin mc: looks happy ahh, but if you are married for 5 years already…..
misun mc: will rather just order takeaway right?
[caption] just eat sweet sour pork at the chinese restaurant nearby!
vic: ah~ apron!
[caption] imitate the wife
khun: apron apron~~
[caption] after finding the apron, of course must wear
khun: victoria little friend
vic: eh?
khun: nichkhun little friend
khun: ohh so cute
[caption] The couple that slowly resembles each other…
jongmin mc: ahh, just nice i’m hungry now
minsun: ahh, jajjangmyun (black bean sauce noodles) is here!
[caption]jajjangmyun takeaway food delivery is here?
[caption]food delivery man glance, oh nichkhun..?
delivery man: oh you look really handsome
khun:ah ~ thank you
[caption] Even the delivery man is shocked by the appearance of husband.
khun: how much?
[caption] sweet and sour pork is still frying?
vic: why is it so fast? really very fast.

Cr. chinese translations by erinq7@winnie bar, english translations by

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