November 27, 2010

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 7

V: I feel happy whenever I watch someone else eating the food i cook
N:yummy !
V: Fairy enough
N: your cooking is good!
V: Nickhun sshi’s good in everything he does as well right
N: my marriage seems really good
V:really (><)
N: Instead of watching TV at newlywed home, we cook together
[caption] First time attempting to cook together under the same roof
N:it really felt like a sweet/warm home, was really happy about it
V: Tired?
N: A little bit
[caption] The husband that had had schedule till late the night before
V: sleepy? then take a nap after meal.
N: i have to sleep for a while after eating .
N: how about watching the videos we shot from last time till now?
V: en!
N: let’s go upstairs and connect it to the TV and watch
[caption] enjoy watching their product (?)
[caption] the side effects of a house with stairs.
N : ai yi gu (aiyak)
N: let’s watch the 1 mins Doong Doong clip, shall we?
[caption]the BEST clip chosen by the husband is…
minsum: ahhh ~ its the clip that Nickhun had Vic dancing to doong doong
[caption] bursting out with laughter
Cr. erinq7@winnie bar for chinese translations, english translations by deborah@khuntorialurve

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