November 27, 2010

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 8

N: Wanna drink something?
N: Hehe wake up~
V: I slept like this on this side right? Feels like I’m getting a cramp on (the other side)
V: Thank you~
V: We’re going (to Thailand) the day after tomorrow~ There are two days left
N: Oh yeah that’s right…
V: What to do !!
N: Just… (be yourself and) do it comfortably… Why are you worrying?
N: We’re going to meet my family…
N: If we give f(x) signed CD… I think they’ll like it?
//in the car//
N: We’re going to Thailand, aren’t we?
V: Eung~
N/V: It’s good!
V: I want to meet your youngest sister~
N: Oh really?
V: Eung
N: That’s right~
//N blackroom//
When they meet properly, will my parents like Victoria…? That kind of thought, I thought and am worrying about it a lot… They will like her!
(Nichkkhun’s youngest sister Sherlene [red circle])
JM: Is she Nichkhun’s sister?
V: Did she do it with her friends?
N: They’re all her onnis~
N: She’s dances the most well~
V: She totally dances well~
(Sherlene’s tweet: Khun oppa! I miss you~ Hurry and come to Thailand~ If oppa brings wife too that’d be great so she can teach me NU ABO)
N: What do you think about teaching Sherlene to dance NU ABO properly?
V: Then let’s take a video… and give it to her?
N: Take a video?
V: The moves… one by one, slowly…
JM: Personally? MS: Ohhh that’d be a really great present~
N: Make a music video?
V: Are you the director?
N: I’ll film for you!
V: Ohh? Am I dancing alone?
N: Yeah!
N: It’s Victoria-ssi’s song, isn’t it?
//N blackroom//
When I was 16 and back in America, I get bored on the weekends.. and I’d go to a park nearby, and took videos with my favourite song(s)… and edited it. and it turned it out well!
N: Teach the dance steps.. then the music video will come out
N: Should we shoot a video similar (to the original MV)?
N: The first scene… you come out of the bathroom~
N: Put water on the ground…
N: Who is this~~~~
V: I wonder who this is~~
JM: Nichkhun can speak with that intonation too huh…..
N: doongdoong~!!!
N: I gotta look at the angle~
V: How should I greet?
N: Speak English~
V: Oww I can’t !
V: Ok I got it~
N: You got it?
V: Ahhh this is so embarrassing~~~ what should I do~~~
JM: If Sherlene receives this video she will be sooo happy~~~
V: I’m going to teach you the Nanana ~~~part
N: (English)
V: Sherlene~!! I’ll teach you once slowly~!
JM: Doing well~!!!
MS: Looks tiring~~
NY: She’s short of breath~
MS: Because she’s doing it slowly~
V: When you do the first move, you have to hide this arm… and do it like this~
V: And~ originally we show the tummy in this part but right now we’re not going to~
V: What else do I have to do?
N: Rest… Rest for a bit
MS: Short of breath, drink water and rest
JM: it’s like the love between the director and the actress
NY: the director and the actress… some things happen like this… but why are all the directors here….
//N blackroom//
At first Victoria was very shy and awkward, but as soon as the camera rolls and the red light shines, she worked very hard~ she did everything cutely~
MS: this is to give to the younger sister
N: Why why why~
JM: It should be easy for the sister to follow
N: You’re doing well
Ong: It must be tiring~
JM: Our Nichkhun-ssi couldn’t take his eyes off her
N: Is this to your liking?
N: You did well~!
V: Dance together~
V: Just dance the Nanana~ part
N: I’ll try and follow…
V: Just dance the Nanana~ part
N: Like…I’ll shoot it like the music video…
N: The part that you’re walking out, I’ll only shoot the legs
N: Start~
V: I’m going~
V: Did you film it well?
N: Khun-PD did well!!
JM: Looks like it turned out well MS: this is interesting isn’t it?
V: Shall we film from here first? It’s pretty here
N: when the music starts, walk down the stairs, and just stand here and do it~  
V: I got it~
JM: If it’s not for Victoria, Nichkhun-ssi wouldn’t lie on the ground like that
N: Until you get to the bottom, do it like this~
V: I got it~
V: The weather is great~!
V : Is this my house?!
V: The weather is great and…
N: it came out coolly~check this out~
V: That place where we parked…
V: There are people in the cars…
N: Excuse me… we have a request…We’re filming a MV right now… if you watch the hiphop music MVs they dance in front of cars… so can you please keep your headlights on for us?
N: Let me grasp the angle first…
N: Ohh this is totally cool~
N: Hyung, please turn the car around and keep your headlights on only!
N: Watch me~~~ OK~! That’s it!
N: Minjae-hyung! Shine (twinkle) the lights for me~ oh nice!
V: This is really difficult~
JM: yaaaa Minjae-ssi is doing well !!
N: Is it alright? Should we film it again?
V: film it again!
MS: Nichkhun-ssi’s just fooling around/being hyperactive…
Cr. video: fxeffect1@youtube; korean-english translation: nr.d@khuntorialurve

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