November 27, 2010

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 4

[caption] During the free time Khun was..
[caption] fry a heart shaped egg
khun: yellow color!
misun mc: taking photos again. again!
khun: 1 2 3 ~
[caption] My wife and i and yellow color heart(refer to the egg colour)
[caption] but
khun: careful x 3
vic : ouch painful
khun: painful?
[caption] scalded by the hot oil while frying sweet and sour pork
vic: There’s a big blister T.T
khun: therefore i bought this
khun: this is really good!
[caption] husband is also scared of the oil
[caption] making full use of his long body
[caption] shaolin khun
khun: there’s a position and this is the position
[caption] Nickhun sshi with hand’s reflex that is much faster
khun: i can’t open this thing
[caption]the jajjangmyun that became like a pizza
vic: must faster finish this (sweet and sour pork)sauce ingredient
khun: look at this
khun: it became a pizza, pizza
minsun: should have warmed it with the microwave!

Cr. chinese translations by erinq7@winniebar, english translations by

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