November 06, 2010

2PM’s Nichkhun praises Big Bang’s Taeyang

 2PM member Nichkhun recently tweeted some praise for Big Bang member Taeyang on his twitter account.
Nichkhun wrote:

T.S. : I Need A Girl – 태양(Tae-Yang) such a talented singer/dancer! One of Korean Best! =]
Actually his Solar album has a lot of good songs! I’m currently listening to “Just A Feeling”. ” 니가 잠든 후에” is also a good track! WOW!

It seems Taeyang has a lot of fans in the idol world, a testament to his many talents.

Source + Photo: khunnie0624 @ twitter
Tip: Serena

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pssh, No way.
Superstar is the best song!

Such a light feeling to this! I think Taeyang's Choreographer Shaun Evaristo prefers "Superstar". It has the voice of "Solar (Intro)" [ONLY IF THAT WAS A SONG] and the feeling of "Just A Feeling" [wink wink].