November 27, 2010

Khuntoria Ep 22 English Translations Part 5 and 6

UncleJake: Ah so its easier to be opened?
MS: Nope =.=
MS: Just wanted them to try
Caption: The jajjangmyun packet that is finally opened
Caption: Vic wife that became even more anxious
Caption: Why did she choose to make such a hard dish - sweet sour pork?
V: I wanted to make a hot dish, those that can be eaten while its still hot
V: The last time i cooked for him, the dishes already cooled down as I packed them
Caption: Always felt regretful for the cooled down dishes made on his birthday
V: I want to make those dishes that can be eaten as soon as possible when it is done
Caption: Wish to eat dish when it is still hot during their first meal together

UncleJake: Wants to feed her again? Again?!
JW: Why can’t he just eat himself?
Caption: Eating Jajjangmyun while continue cooking sweet sour pork
Caption: Pour in the sauce ingredient that was made just now
Caption: Looks like the husband is really hungry
V: umm… Looks yummy!
Caption: The husband that immediately started washing the dishes
Caption: Vic Umma Style sweet sour pork finally done!
MS: Looks really nice ah.. Vic Umma’s sweet sour pork.
UncleJake: Ah I really want to try..
V: Done ~
N: Wa thanks for the hardwork!
Caption: The sweet sour pork made full with love and carefully is served on the table
Caption: As expected immediately take a picture of it for remembrance
N: Thank you for the hard work!
V: I made sweet sour pork!
Caption: OMO this pose is…
MS: Aiyo even do a back hug.. the jajjangmyun is
N: Issit nice?
V: I dunno ?
N: Jajjangmyun and sweet sour pork!
N: Best combination!
N: High 5!
Caption: A sudden high five?
N: Khuntoria fighting!
V: Hehe fighting!
Caption: And a sudden khuntoria fighting?
N&V: I’m going to start!
N&V: Have a good meal!
Caption: First meal in their newlywed home
MS: Ah a heart shaped egg on top of the jajjangmyun!
Caption: The sweet sour pork tasted …
N: MMmm~
V: Issit nice?
N: Why is your cooking so good?
V: Because i like cooking
N: Issit because you like cooking or like eating?
V: Because i like to eat..
N: You like both?

Cr. chinese translations by erinq7@winnie bar, english translations by kay@khuntorialurve

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