November 07, 2010

You Can Meet 2PM! A DVD With a Dream of a Ticket Enclosed

The popular Korean, 6-membered male group, 2PM will carry out their DVD release and debut in Japan on the 24th of this month. It was revealed on Nov. 4th that they will invite six fans backstage to their event at
 Tokyo Ryokoku Kokugikan (famous hall of Sumo in Tokyo) on December 8th.
Carrying the sign of “Korea’s Strongest Artists” along with the nickname of “Beast Idols” on their back, 2PM’s landing in Japan is an ultra-surprising present.

Their Debut DVD, “Hottest~2PM, 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History~” has quickly broken through with 13,000 pre-orders (from music stores, etc.). Upon receiving these pre-orders, the agency, Ariola Japan, hurriedly increased their initial consignment (number of DVDs) to 30,000. For a K-Pop artists’ debut DVD, these are very exceptional figures.

SNSD’s debut DVD, that was released this August, recorded 23,000 sales in its first week but there is a possibility that 2PM will exceed that. Because of this, increasing the debut events from the initial one event to multiple events is under consideration.

The reverberation of having exceeded expectations was transmitted to the members in Korea and the greatly impressed 6 members proposed a surprise plan. It was decided that within the first, limited, 30,000 DVDs, 6 golden tickets (a normal ticket is black) will be enclosed and on the day of the event, the winners will receive the dream-like present of being invited backstage.

Their new song, published in Korea last month, on the 12th, monopolized the number 1 spot on the charts immediately after being released to the public. When unveiled on YouTube, the music video broke through with approximately 2,000,000 hits, thus displaying the great efforts befitting of their reputation a Korea’s Number 1 Group. That being the case, it is not doubtful that the song will surpass platinum status.

One of the members, Nichkhun (22) said in a message, “I want to go to Japan quickly and meet all our fans.” Taecyeon (21) is also looking forward to their arrival in Japan saying, “When we go to Japan, we will work hard so that you can our HOT performances. I’ll be very happy if we can all unite during these performances!”

Translated by oraday @ W2D

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