September 25, 2010

2PM Nichkhun releases new CF photo, shows off baby skin

2PM’s member Nichkhun released the photo on his Twitter page on the 23rd.

Nichkhun wrote: “New campaign with Brand’s is launching today in Thailand!! We want you to be HEALTHY! =]” and posted the picture. In the photo, Nichkhun was holding a bottle of the suplement drink, posing in his usual cute way; this was the endorsement picture Nichkhun took for Thailand’s new health food.

Nichkhun’s bright eyes and milky white skin surprised netizens, and they expressed envy at his baby-butt smooth skin. “He’s too cute!” “It’s really like baby skin! It’s surprising how similar it is to milk!” “He’s as cute as a baby~” et cetera.

Reporter: Choi Minji
Credit: TVDaily

Translated by empired @

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