September 10, 2010

2PM fans create jumbotron ad for 2-year anniversary

In celebration of 2PM’s 2-year anniversary since their debut, fans have created a rather impressive ad. Members of Wooyoung’s largest fan club paid for the ad to appear on a jumbotron screen on the

Samseong-dong COEX building in Seoul. The ad was ordered to appear at least 100 times a day from September 3rd to the 10th.

Korean fans are known to celebrate idol birthdays and other celebrations through bus and newspaper ads as well as by donating in the star’s name to charity. However, this is apparently the first time a fan club has ordered an ad on a jumbotron screen. The COEX building is a very popular location for shoppers, and is located in Seoul’s Kangnam district, known for its expensive housing.
The fan club stated, “Because 2PM and 2PM fans have gone through so much recently, we wanted to show our loyalty and love in a more unique way. That’s why we opted to place our ad on a jumbotron rather than a newspaper or bus.”

The same fan club is also reported to have donated 510 kg (1,124 lbs) of rice to a charity in Pusan, Wooyoung’s hometown, in celebration of 2PM’s first concert this past August. They stated, “We plan on doing good works in the future as well, and not just things that will benefit 2PM solely.”

Though it’s normal for various fan clubs to attempt to “out-fan” each other, this recent show of dedication will probably be difficult to beat.

Source: Newsen

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