September 17, 2010

Victoria Asked Khun What He Finds Different Before and After Getting Married

*This is from TAT Press Conf in Thailand*

Q: Question
K: Khun
V: Victoria
F: Fans
P.S. I’m not sure if I got all the questions right especially at the end, because I couldn’t hear them very well on the clip so, apologies if there’s any mistake.
MC: so, anybody has a question? Well, it seems like they can’t think of any question now. Maybe they’re too overwhelmed after seeing and taking tons of pictures with Nichkhun today.
Q: Did u eat?
K: Yes, I already did.
MC: I heard that special meal was prepared for you today. Pad Thai. I heard you like this dish a lot?
K: I do. I like Pad Thai. I also like stir-fried basil chicken and a sunny side-up.
MC: I think everyone in Thailand likes this dish.
K: Or you can say it’s a ‘thoughtless food’
NOTE:  stir-fried basil chicken and  a sunny side-up with rice is a very common dish in Thailand which is very easy in find in every corner. So, people always order this dish when they kind of don’t know what to eat or what to order.
MC: No, it’s not thoughtless. It’s a great dish when you’re hungry. So, is this counted as a question?
K: My friends like pork fried rice with a bit of chili and lime fish sauce.
MC: it’s all prepared.
K: Thank you so much.
MC: Any question?
K: You can call this a honeymoon but it’s more like taking a special guest to visit Thailand. I’m taking her to see my life outside Korea, my family, my good memories in Thailand.
MC: Someone in the back? Oh, it’s Victoria. It seems that both of you are so shy.
V: Hello, Nichkhun, as you’re married now, what you find different before/after getting married?
K: Do I have to answer it in Thai?
MC: What did she ask? I’d like to know.
K: She asked me as I’m married now, what I find different before/after getting married?
K: Do I have to answer in Thai?
F: 2 languages.
MC: Answer her first then please translate it into Thai for us.
K: (Answered in Korean) [[ he did take time answering her, didn’t he…? (^.^)]]
MC: What did you just say? I don’t understand one bit of Korean.
K: I said I was alone before getting married so there weren’t many things to worry about. But there were times when I felt lonely. But now that I’m with Victoria, there’re more things to worry, to be considered. But it’s not a bad thing, I get to be worried if she’s doing ok or if she’s sick, this kind of stuff. And I also get to take care of her clothes. So, I’m happy.
MC: This is a very good answer! Many of your fans are having broad smiles on their faces whether they understand Korean or not.
Q: How do you feel about having a Korean show coming to film in Thailand?
K: I’m happy that we have a quite famous Korean show coming to film here. It’s a good opportunity to film the show and to promote Thailand. I’m happy I got to take the WGM team and Victoria to Thailand.
Q: Where/which places are you going to recommend them?
K: Well, most people will say ‘Phuket’ and ‘Hua Hin’ so, I will first take them to Hua Hin becos it’ s a beautiful city with good food. I also liked to go to there when I was younger so I want to take Victoria and Korean fans to see how beautiful Hua Hin is.
MC: That’s right. So, last question..
Q: Now that you got to live a married life, do you want to get married?
K: Ha ha, I’m very happy getting to live a married life. And now.. what should I say? This is a tough question. My mom’s a bit worried becos this might get too real.  My grandma is a bit worried too but I told her that this is just a tv show that lets me experience living a married life. I think it’s a good show. I told my mom and my grandma not to worry cos Victoria is also a good and a very nice person. So, there’s nothing to worry about… I’m sweating now.
Q: So does this mean that your couple won’t become real?
K: Well, well, well… it’s now still under control haha.
MC: I think you did your best with the answers.
K: I don’t know what else to say.
MC: So now it’s the photo time with the media.
K: Thank you so much.
MC: Thank you so much for the question.

Trans: pllwp
Credit: khuntoriaseffect @ tumblr

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