September 25, 2010

Elle Girl Magazine Editor’s Note: Sweet solitude Nichkhun

Exposed to a languid air in Bali Nichkhun was sweet, but didn‘t laugh aloud. Is he usually such a calm person? Outside of the stage and flashing TV screens Nichkhun is both familiar and strange.
Editor Kim Areum

After 5 days and 3 nights of watching Nichkhun in Bali, it‘s possible to write a lengthy after note about him. But if I were to say everything in one sentence, I would describe him as a „good man“ who doesn‘t need a nickname of an angel. Contrary to my initial expectations, he didn‘t talk or laugh much, looking rather cautious, but as he became more comfortable, his demenour changed into a secure one. He was happy with the freedom of the spacious and secluded resort which mostly accomodated European guests (it would be logical to guess that he felt weary of the heavy fame as well). He would take walks around the resort wearing shorts, spend his free time swimming and tanning, and during meals he would always use his skillful English to order food for the staff. Nichkhun‘s extraordinary character revealed itself even more during the photoshoot. Nichkhun worked hard to the point of being insensitive to the hot Balli sun affecting his superior appearance (though it‘s hard to believe it might ever come to that). Even though he was sweating buckets in thick jacket and a long sweater, he was neither complaining nor showing any signs of discontent. And as the night fell, he would go to sleep early for the next day shooting, surely showing up at the make up room at 5 am the next day as promised. With every minor action he made or a word he uttered it was possible to feel such virtues as kindness, honesty, naivety or sincerity. As staff gathered together they would naturally begin discussing Nichkhun‘s character and rather than saying he‘s very kind, they usually noticed that it was hard to tell really what kind of person he was. But then the photographer said: „It‘s because we see so many fake things these days. That‘s why even when we see the real thing we start suspecting it‘s fake too“. The last day in Bali as Nichkhun woke up to have late breakfast there was the last task waiting for him – an interview. And he said: „Can we have an interview in the pool?“. Unfortunately it was not possible to have an underwater interview, but the first „tanning interview“ was held lying down on sun beds. It was the moment when the distance, which was supposed to be sustained in order to complete the mission of observing this man, was reduced a little bit. But then again, wasn‘t this because of the lazy island weather? This incompetent editor kept on losing the bookmarked words. There were questions to be asked, things to be inquired, thoughts to be expressed, but at some moment… you suddenly feel that kind of conversation is absolutely meaningless. Sometimes things you feel with your heart are closer to the truth than the things you see in front of you. Isn‘t it enough that your intuition suggests that he (whom you‘ve probably felt already) is „real“? Even if it‘s just for now and just a little bit.

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