September 21, 2010

Junho and Nichkhun troubled in a love triangle with 2009 Miss Korea

2PM members Nichkhun and Junho are caught in a love triangle with 2009 Miss Korea, Kim Juri.
On the Chuseok Special of ‘Fantasy Star Couples Challenge Cup‘ which airs later today in Korea, Kim Juri becomes ‘the girl’ for both Nichkhun and Junho. The trio also performed a parody for ‘B-boy Who Loves a Ballerina’, with the concept of ‘Idols Who Love a Ballerina’.
Although Nichkhun and Junho showed endless aegyo, Kim Juri replied with, “I need to look over them right till the end before I can choose.”
In addition, the episode will show an NG (blooper) scene of when Nichkhun tries to lift up the 172.5 cm tall, 50 kg Kim Juri into the air.
The performance will show a combination between ballet and 2PM’s hit track ‘Heartbeat‘.

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