September 19, 2010

Nichkhun fearlessly protects Victoria in front of horror

 Nichkhun and Victoria challenged the horror special.
Victoria looked very afraid in front of the horror, but in comparison, Nichkhun looked calm and steady.

On the Sept 18th episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” (WGM), the three couples, Seohyun(SNSD)-Jung Yonghwa(CN Blue), Jo Kwon(2AM)-Ga in(B.E.G.) and Nichkhun(2PM)-Victoria(f(x)), challenged a horror special. Nichk

When the ghost appeared, Nichkhun looked calm in front of it. In front of the grandma ghost, Victoria, influenced by Nichkhun, did a 90 degree bow. When a ghostly hand suddenly appeared, Victoria was very scared but Nichkhun hit the hand away.

That day’s broadcast of ‘WGM’ was an autumn special, and the three couples were told that there was a ‘Strongest Couple Battle’. This was actually the horror special. In front of horror, the three couples had their unique ways of facing the situation. The viewers thought it was a lot of fun.

Reporter: Park Junghyun
Credit: Newsen

Translated by khy127@W2D

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