September 26, 2010

New Drama for Kim HyunJoong, Nichkhun and Jung YongHwa?

Kim HyunJoong, 2PM’s Nichkhun and CNBlue’s Jung YongHwa are Korean TV’s current TV darlings, raking in ratings for their respective shows Mischievous Kiss and We Got Married. As soon as now though, they seem to be looking forward to a new drama gig.
The singers are short-listed to be cast in a new Korea-Japan collaboration drama to be led by production company M-Media. A conference was recently reported to have been held in Hamamatsu, Japan to talk this through.

Dubbed Cinderella, the drama is slated to run for a total of 20 episodes. The script is unfinished as of now, with the production roster still incomplete. Shooting is expected to begin in Japan next spring, with the broadcast due in Korean and Japanese TV by May next year.

Your favorite Hallyu female stars are also short-listed to cast, namely Song HyeKyo, Kim AhJoong, and Yoon Eunhye.

Source: Shizuoka Daily News
Translation: SS501ode@blogspot
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