September 17, 2010

2PM’s Nichkhun pays Thailand a visit with Victoria for the television show We Got Married

Pingbook : September 17, 2010 at 11.00 am (local time) at the Wimansuriya Hotel Room, Dusit Thani Hotel, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) lead by TAT’s Mr. Amnuoy Tiamkreekul and Ms. Lilak Noypayak conducted a Welcome Back press conference for 2PM’s Nichkhun Horvejkul, the ambassador for Tourism Thailand, along with Victoria of the band F(x).

On his visit to Thailand, Nichkhun stated, “I brought along a special guest with me, [she’s] Victoria. I want to introduce her to Thailand as well as to my family and all my Thai fans. I also will be taking her to places that I had visited when I was younger; places that have left remarkable impressions on me, and vice versa.”

When asked of the specific destinations which he’d be taking Victoria to, Nickkhun revealed that, “We’ll be going to Hua Hin later on today. When I was younger, I enjoyed going there with my family. Then in the evening, we’ll be checking out the market – taking a taste of Pad Thai, Coconut Milk Ice Cream and all that jazz. We’ll probably get to go horse riding as well. There are quite a lot of activities we could do. I really want everybody to be impressed with Thailand, and Hua Hin.”

Nichkhun then also spoke of what he did the day before. “Yesterday when I arrived, I took Victoria to meet my family – get them to know each other a bit, and had something to eat. We also made some Thai dishes, including Thai Papaya Salad (Som Thum), which Victoria really liked. She already is wonderful in the kitchen but my mum taught her to cook a bit too.”

Additionally, Nichkhun thanked his fanclubs and all Thai media for their kind interest.”Thank you everyone for supporting this tourism campaign, and advertising it so others in Thailand, and outside of, can have that chance to experience the country’s attractions. I am very proud to be named as the ambassador for Tourism Thailand. I am proud to be able to present Thailand to both its citizens and the world. So please continue to support us,” he said.

The press went on to ask Nichkhun of his favourite Thai meal, and he answered with a grin, “Padthai and Chicken Pad Krapao with fried egg – my band mates also really like Pork Fried Rice but must add ‘nam prik nam pla’ (fresh chilli in fish sauce) to it too”.

It was then also touched by the press on whether or not the trip can be considered as a honeymoon, to which Nickhun replied, “You could call it that. It’s like I’m bringing along this special guest to Thailand, so that she gets to know my childhood, my family, my memories, and of course Thailand.”

Nichkhun was approached with a question from Victoria herself. She stood up and asked, “You’re currently married aren’t you? What are the differences pre and post marriage?”
 “Before I got married, it was a life on one’s own, without having to think about much,” Nichkhun answered, smiling. “There are times where loneliness closes in. However, now that I’ve got Victoria, I have more things to worry about. Not that it’s a bad thing. I’m worried about her well being – is she fine? Is she going to get sick? Then I also get to look out for things she could wear and stuff like that. It makes me happy.”

Nichkhun also talked further about bringing Victoria to Thailand. “Normally when someone mentions Thailand, they’d just go Phuket, right? I’m scared that Hua Hin’s going to get upset, so that’s why I’m taking Victoria there today. It’s a beautiful town, with amazing food. I’ve always liked it since I was younger, so I really want to expose Victoria and all the fans to the charm and the beauty of Hua Hin.”
‘We Got Married’ was also brought up by the press. “Since you’re having the chance to experience a married life on-screen, do you ever get a desire to actually be married?”
“Getting to experience the married life on-screen is nice. I’m happy. So right now, I guess I could [get married]…It’s such a tough question. (laughs) It’s nice. My mum’s slightly worried. She thinks it may appear too realistic. (laughs) My grandmother also shares the same the feeling. But I already told her that it’s just a social experiment on television, with a take on the married life. It’s a good T.V. program. I told mum not to worry because Victoria is a nice person. She’s very lovely.”
But the press needed confirmation. “So there won’t be real-life love then?”
To which he cheerfully replied, “That [the feeling] can currently be controlled.”

Credit: Candypop117

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