September 15, 2010

Victoria will meet her husband’s family.

Her husband’s family is in Nichkhun’s hometown, Thailand. Through MBC’s “We Got Married”, Victoria and Nichkhun have become a virtual couple.

On the episode on September 11, it showed Nichkhun giving Victoria gifts from his mother. At that time, Victoria bowed to the gift to show her thanks. Now, the opportunity for Victoria to personally meet her mother-in-law has appeared.

Nichkhun had the idea of bringing Victoria to Thailand, saying that the places he commonly goes in Thailand, he wants to bring her with him this time as well. In order to be a perfect tour guide, he has been busy preparing for the trip.

On the other hand, Victoria is very nervous. This international couple, not sharing a common language (regarding family) is charging head on into meeting the husband’s family. People are eagerly awaiting this meeting.

translation: POGA @ soompi
source: newsen via yahoo


lucky_angel said...

What does virtual couple mean? Does that mean they are now true couples?

Oh~ I am nervous for Vic-unnie too! ^-^

Anonymous said...

... nichkhun's mom ... no korean
... victoria ... no english
... nichkhun ... translator... lol
... chinese ... posibility??