September 24, 2010

Victoria Vogue Interview

VG ( Vogue Girl): We saw each other when you girls first debuted.

V: Yes it’s been a year now. Thinking about it makes me want to laugh  because back then my Korean was really rusty, so I hardly said anything.   Although my Korean has improved since then, but it’s still far from  getting across exactly what I want to say. So now my ears are constantly  “stuck up”. Whenever I hear a new word in other people’s conversation I  would go and ask what it means.

VG: Not being able to communicate is very frustrating right?
V: When we first debuted, I couldn’t handle myself very well (bad  Korean I think), so I wasn’t able to live up to the responsibility of  being a leader. Although there is still much for me to work on, I am  much happier and I am able to do a lot more for the younger team  members. Recently, I have a lot of solo activities and that has  increased stress because I represent F(x). Being on shows has giving me a  lot of experience and friends, but it also me feel that I need to  improve myself much more. Thinking about this makes me a little  depressed.

VG: Your popularity has risen recently?

V: Yeah. Suddenly a lot more people recognise me. It’s magical really. I  didn’t being on shows and programs could have such a big effect. So I  will keep it and hopefully promote F(x) more.

VG: Instead of promoting F(x) as a whole, don’t you want to promote yourself individually more?

V: No not really. I like it better when people remember me as F(x)’s Victoria.

VG: You speak very cautiously. Is it another side of you that we don’t know about?

V: Actually when I speak Chinese it’s usually hard and fast. People  generally see me as a guy. But after living with F(x) members who are  much younger than me, I learnt how to be cute. So whenever I can’t round  off my own sentences, I will act adorable. It works really well  (laugh~).

VG: What do you think about you is most appealing to people?

V: The gullible side?? People have described my as “4 dimension”. When  I’m being expressionless and thinking to myself; I could suddenly start  laughing for me reason. That’s when people call me “4 dimension”.  And  now and then I will hear “Victoria can actually be serious too”.  Actually I not “serious”, I am just day dreaming. Lol~

VG:  The recent single “NU ABO” has been getting a lot of commends lately.  Most saying that how come SNSD songs are easy to understand, and F(x)  tends to have difficult songs.

V: First time when we  heard “NU ABO”, all the members were nervous. And when we were recording  it we all thought “it’s difficult to sing, will the listener like it?”  But I am beginning to think that imitating other groups’ style but  instead challenge a new F(x) style is not a bad idea. Being cute and  bubbly is what many girl groups are doing at the moment. And are we the  only group that are doing a different and more difficult style? So in  the future if there are harder songs we will be up for the challenge.

(VG: So for your next comeback, even if you are to wear large doll costume, people will think ah it’s f(x) so its acceptable~!)

V: Wear doll costume will be adorable (laugh~). In fact our group is  like that. X is unknown it could be anything. So compared to other  groups I think we have a lot more freedom.

VG: There are many difficulties in Fashion aspect as well right?

V: Everyone have different opinions. We’ve seen a lot of interesting  clothes, but we think this style is most suited for NU ABO. The song is  unique in the first place so we should find clothes to match it. Just  like the sexy black clothes for “Mr Boggie”, and the colourful cute  clothes for “Chu”. The Music and clothes meant to be whole.

VG: You and Nichkhun appeared on WGM together recently. How does it feel to find out that you are partnered with him?

V: Prior to filming I didn’t know it was him. Everyone kept it a  secret. With nichkhun….Because we’ve said hello a few times backstage at  other performances. Initially it was a little awkward and we have to  talk in Korean as well. Because of that and not someone else, but with  Nichkhun is very fortunate. Both of us are foreign and both are singers  in Korea. We have a lot in common.

VG: You’ve filmed for two months now. After getting to know each other, what is Nichkhun like?

V: Like what people see him as: polite, gentlemen like, very caring.  Even if I get anger and torture him (Translator’s own rambling: hahaha  she doesn’t actual mean torture, but if she did Nichkhun will take it  with all smiles ~!!!) he won’t get angry.  Even though his schedule is  really hectic, he never seems tired and always smiles.

VG: Is there anything else you want to do during the rest of filming?

V: Up to now I haven’t done much travelling in Korea. Since filming  WGM, I’ve had some great experiences. Been to Hontai and Nansan. Been on  the train and of course all these are more enjoyable because of  Nichkhun (smile~). Ah ~ It will be awesome if we could go to beach  together. In China I lived close to the sea, so I often go to the beach.  I have been missing it recently.

VG: If you have chance of a solo debut, what kind of style of music will you go for?

V: Solo debut? That seems far away. Compared to me, Luna and Krystal  sing far better. If there a chance of solo debut, why shouldn’t be them?  People get really touched listening to them singing, especially Luna.  She is both my music teacher and example. I wish I could improve my sing  to about half the level of Luna.

VG: How do you deal with stress?

V: um… By eating. Anything I can find really. Anything I could see, I  will eat it without restraint , all of it. (VG: Oh… you don’t need to  manage your weight?) Yes I do (getting instantly depressed). So I have  switched to shopping recently. I like electronic products. I’ve just  bought a desktop computer, but there are a lot more new products that I  want. So I am restraining myself to purchase the one that is really  necessary. I am agonising whether to get the iPad or not.

VG: Do you feel burdened to constantly look interesting and appealing to audiences?

V: I try not to care about what others say and how they look at me.  Even if others think it’s wrong but I think it’s right and as long as my  group members agree, then it is right. Yes I do listen to both the good  and the bad and I will ponder up on it. Then I wouldn’t be feeling  hurt.

VG: That is some real positive thinking there. So for the sake of the activities you will just let it go and stand it?

People have different preferences. I can’t make everyone like Victoria.  So I will try my best to give out a good impression and work hard so  that eventually people will like me better.
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