September 25, 2010

Translations for Ep 14

At the test centre:
V: Fighting!
K: Ha, fighting! Ah, this doesn’t feel so bad!
[Captions: K not nervous, V more nervous for him]
Loud Speaker: Please start.

Khun drives
At the T junction, K stops over the white line, minus 5 marks.
V sees the 5 marks deduction, and said “It’s alright!”
When K gets another 10 marks deducted, V is scared and says to herself “It’s alright, it’s near the end, you’ll pass!” K has 84 points, 80 is a fail, so if he does another mistake, he’ll fail. V very nervous, time’s up.

V: Congratulations!

Black Room Interview:
K: I nearly failed again! V was watching so I couldn’t be too happy, so I had to keep cool.
V: Waa, you did well, you did well!
K: Thank you! (dances)
V: Well done!
K: So I’ve finished, lets go to the second floor now!

Black Room Interview:
V: I was really worried. K passed, now it’s just me. Khun worked so hard doing those notes for me, if I don’t pass, I would have wasted K’s efforts! I was so nervous, my heart nearly jumped out!

K: We have to be very quiet here.
V: I’m going to leave now.
K: No you can’t! Over here is this (the practice machines)
V: What’s this? A games machine?
K: Yes it’s a game.
[Captions: Test centre has games to play?]
V: What is this?
Gets another question wrong
V: How many questions are there?
K: 40.
V: No it’s 50!

(Khun takes out his camera and takes photos of V)
V: Stop fooling around. Just because you’ve passed your driving test, you’re all happy now?
K: Ah no, quickly, carry on with your questions!

Black Room Interview:
V: At school, I didn’t need to concentrate 100%, I needed to concentrate 200%. But Khun was fooling about next to me, it was annoying!
K: I wanted to carry on fooling around, but was worried she’d get angry so I didn’t dare. I now know when V is about to get angry, she has an expression (does V’s expression). I shouldn’t have carried on, but she looked so cute so I did carry on (annoying her)

V: Will I get 0 marks?
K: It’s not possible to get 0, you’ll get at least 1 mark!
V (whispers to K): Can I go in now?
V (really loudly): Annyeonghaseyo! (both crouch down in embarrassment, K can’t stop laughing, V all nervous)

Black Room Interview:
K: I was worried for her, it’s a foreign language after all, so of course she was nervous. I didn’t want to see her like that but I couldn’t stop watching, didn’t know how to help her…

(Victoria passes with 60 marks, the exact pass mark)

Black Room Interview:
K: She did so well! So like our Victoria!

K: Did the questions I prepared for you come out?
V: I think so. 1? Or 2.
K: Oh really? Thank you to Seulong hyung!

Black Room Interview:
V: Actually, none of the questions came out but because he prepared so hard for me, I didn’t want to tell him that.

Go carting
K: As we can’t drive a real car yet, lets go go-carting!
V: Ah, I love that!
K: To de-stress lets go go-carting!
V: Yes!
K: Happy, happy.

Staff: Have you ever done this before?
V: Yes!
K: No, this is my first time.
V (happily): Really? Your first time?!

(Putting on the helmets)
Staff (to V): You look like a teddy bear!

(They start racing)

Black Room Interview:
K: I wanted to win, but couldn’t! V was like this *shrrroooooom*, I just couldn’t catch up.

K: Are these the same cars? How come hers is faster?
Staff: It’s a matter of skill…
K: I should just buy one.
V: Buy one for me.
K: OK, how much is one?
Staff: 800 million (won).
V: Hahahahaha!

(In the couple cart)
V: This one… can’t go fast…
K: Do you like it?
V: No!

LOL, racer V!

Watching Eclipse.
K: Do you know what that is? (points to the big screen)
V: A hotel?
K: In front of the hotel, do you want to watch the film?
V: Oh it’s ***(Eclipse)
K: Do you want to watch it?
V: Yes, I’ve been waiting for it.
K: Do you like it?
V: Yes.
K: Why?
V: The male actor is so handsome!
K: I knew it’s because of that…
V: Really… ah!
K: “Really… ah!” What do you mean by that?
V: Ah, I just like it.
K: Lets watch the film then go for dinner.
V: Korean rice cake…

(Khun searches for a Korean rice cake shop on his phone, Victoria gets out the bite cream for Khun’s mosquito bites. Uncle in the studio comments on how observant V is.)

They borrow the cart

V: This is good!
K: We’re the first couple to watch a film in a go-cart. The actor is good looking?
V: Mm, yes very handsome.
K: I saw his interview, he really was very handsome.
V: Yes, really handsome.

(There’s a character called Victoria in the film)
K: Was there anyone called Khun in the film?
V: Hmm, no.
K: How come you filmed this yourself?
V: It was before our marriage!
K: Ah, before our marriage!
V: Hehehe

I seriously loved this scene… so romantic even though they weren’t doing that much?!?! Ahh, the little things that make me swoooon! :wub:

At The Rice Cake Restaurant
K: Are you good at eating spicy food? (meaning “can you tolerate a lot of spiciness”)
V: I’m not good at eating it, but I love eating spicy food.
K: What’s this? (the poster)

Each month on the 11th, the restaurant has a rice cake eating competition where you need to finish a bowl of rice cake in three minutes. V said she wanted to try, K was surprised. The studio commented that V likes a challenge.

K: Can we do it together?
Waitress: Normally, each person has to eat one bowl. Seeing as you’re married, you can take the challenge by eating one bowl together.

(Discussing tactics)
K: We should put it in water.
V: Ah, not bad!
K: When we’re finished, I won’t have the 王 character anymore (his abs/six pack), what shall I do?
V: No, even if you don’t have the 王, Khun is still a 王子 (prince)
K: Ah?

(K all happy, V embarassed)

V: Ah, I was being funny…
K: Hehehehehe, hoohohohohoho
V: Ah, I’m looking forward to this!

The waitress gave them one minute to let the bowl cool down (not normally supposed to)
V: Can I put one ice cube in?
Waitress: You’re not normally allowed, but you can just put the one in!
V: Thank you!
K: Mummy, Daddy, please help me!
[Captions: Praying?]
Waitress: You need to start.
V: Yes!

(Victoria who just took a bite has no particular expression, Khun clasps his hand together due to the spiciness)

K: Has anyone died from eating this?
[Captions: K’s ears go red]
Waitress: My satisfaction from this job is watching this

(K is completely red and choking (??), V is eyes going red but still carries on eating. The studio admires her) Time’s up, failed the challenge.

V: Was that good? It was really hot but I really wanted to eat it. It tasted good.
K: Why are you crying?
V: I’m not crying!

(The waitress brings ice cream, K immediately mashes it all up)

V: Whatever happened, we came because we like spicy food. It was a good experience, wasn’t it?

Black Room Interview:
K: I felt like my tongue was going to burn out. I saw V’s tears almost dropping out, yet still eating seriously, even in that difficult situation she still showed her happy side. I thought that was very pretty. I’m her husband so when I see V struggling, I always hope to help her. But V never says anything (about her struggles)… I wish she can rely/lean on me more.

K: I wanted to ask for your number last time when we met up with Jo Kwon and Ga In… but didn’t you go early? So I didn’t ask. So now, do you wish to give me your number?

Black Room Interview:
K: I was really embarrassed when I asked for her number, I don’t know why. It just felt strange asking “Can you give me your number?” So I felt awkward.

(V enters her number into K’s phone)
K: And now I’ll ring you.

Gimme the light…

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