September 10, 2010

Miss Korea Kim Juri and 2PM’s Nichkhun-Junho’s ballet stage… ‘huge expectations’

2009′s Miss Korea Kim Juri has met with ‘beast idols’ 2PM.

Recently, Kim Juri participated in a filming for SBS’s ‘Fantasy Star Couple Challenge,’ which selects the best star couples, for her first ever variety show.

On this day, Kim Juri matched with 2PM’s Nichkhun and Junho for a beautiful dance, showing off her glamorous ballet. Kim Juri, who has received praise on international stages for her ballet, practiced with Nichkhun and Junho in a practice room in Kangnam for many hours in order to coordinate themselves well.

 One representative of the program said, “You can think of this TV show as ‘a ballerina who loves b-boys.’ The mix of Kim Juri’s ballet and 2PM’s dance will create a fantastic stage.”
Meanwhile, Kim Juri, Nichkhun, and Junho’s stage will be aired on SBS’s ‘Fantasy Star Couple Challenge’ on the 22nd.

Reported by: Cheon Kyung Jin
Credit: ReviewStar News

Translated by 49.5bananas @

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