September 22, 2010

Which female members are responsible for their group’s ‘visuals’?

As the Hallyu Wave spreads on, Korean idol girl groups are becoming more and more popular throughout the world, especially in Asian countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, and Malaysia.
With their pretty and cute faces, catchy songs, and addictive dance moves, they have captured the hearts of many fans. A few of these girl groups have already established their reputation of being one of the nation’s top idol groups, and even when they don’t promote overseas, their songs are still seen in the top ranks of overseas music charts.

In particular, it is the influence of each group’s “visually attractive member” that is specifically gaining interest. It’s not just for the sake of their own popularities either, as they have become indispensable members of the group because they help raise the awareness and popularity of the group as a whole.
A typical example is Goo Hara of the five member group, KARA. Being known as a lookalike to Japan’s top singer, Namie Amuro, but with both a cute and sexy image, Hara has acquired enough popularity for people to recognize her in an instant.

SNSD’s YoonA can also be considered as a member that has responsibility in visuals for the group. With her doll-like face and adorable smile, she was able to flutter the hearts of many fanboys immediately after their debut. Because of her high popularity, she is often seen in the center of dance choreographies and interviews. YoonA is also recognized for her acting skills, and was once cast for a drama alongside Hallyu star Kwon Sang Woo.

For the talented girl group 2NE1, Sandara Park has a major influence on the group’s visuals. Known to be the ‘honey skinned’ celebrity who never ages, not only does her beauty attract fans, but also her cute spoken ability and unique vocals.

As far as f(x) goes, their speciality is considered as a group, as all the members have a role in maintaining the group’s visuals. Many of the members participate in solo activities, which is the result of each member’s distinct personalities. Ex-child actress Sulli is a regular MC for music show ‘Inkigayo’, has participated in numerous solo CFs, and was even chosen as a model for a fashion show. Chinese member Victoria is currently filming as the wife in a virtual marriage with 2PM’s Nichkhun on ‘We Got Married‘.

Other girl groups such as Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute, SECRET, and Rainbow also possess a member with this ‘visual’ role, and they are proving that the group’s popularity relies a great deal on the popularity of that particular member.

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