September 16, 2010

Interview from Korean Wave Feel Vol. 7 Taiwan, 2PM

Beast idols 2PM want to “get married”, Taec revealed that he’s the monster of the group

2PM, being called as the “beast idols”, came to Taiwan on the 21st of August for the Korean Wave concert. The fansigning event attracted 400 fans to get the 200 tickets. The fans who were there had such loud scream that, people were shocked at how popular 2PM is in Taiwan. And facing such passionate support from Taiwan fans, 2PM said that they’re honestly surprised and glad. This didn’t only leave a deep impression to the members, some members like Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Junsu even tweeted that they love Taiwan!

In the afternoon of 20/8, 2PM were interviewed by our magazine. Besides all those random answers that’d make us laugh out loud, the 6 of them were trying to answer first and teasing each other, which showed us how lively and energetic they were. When we requested them to find the “other half” to take a photo together with the gesture they like the most, there was even a small story that happened: Junsu requested Junho to hold his hands but Junho refused, and it ended up with a hilarious ending. As for Taec and Nichkhun who were very fluent in English and Chansung and Wooyoung who friendly put their arms on each other’s shoulders, they all showed the strong bond between members that made people envious!
Due to the fact that the interviewing time was only 20 minutes, with the boys fooling around for 5 minutes (some were making their hair, some were doing makeup, some were revising Chinese), the journalist who knows Korean reappeared again! So We didn’t need to translate all the content into Chinese before the interview. However, this act also shocked the 2PM boys, and even requested us to erase those stupid things they’ve said. Our journalist also naughtily responded with “Please carefully reply then.” And so, these are the questions that we prepared for the Hottest!

Please tell us the roles of each member in 2PM. (S: Junsu, K: Khun, T: Taec, W: Wooyoung, H: Junho, c: Chansung)
W: A nagging mother.
H: Uncle
K: The grandfather who’s good at talking.
T: The monster that lives at home. [journalist note (JN): he even ‘protested’, “Why would the people have a monster at home?!”, haha]
c: The little son who doesn’t really speak.
S: Eldest son.
[JN: I asked “Why aren’t there mom and dad?” and the members replied togeher, “JYP! JYP is our dad~HAHA”]

After Taecyeon joining the TV drama “Cinderella’s Sister”, do the other members ever want to try acting and what kind of character would you like to try?
W: I wanna try whatever it can be. No matter if it’s drama or anything else. And I am confident that I can do it well.
S: I don’t have anything specific that I want to try. I’ve been always practicing, to gradually build up my ability in different areas, so I would like to try anything when the opportunity comes.
K: I want to try all sorts of characters.

You guys imitated Brown Eyed Girls in Wild Bunny, and also imitated Orange Caramel and Cinderella’s Sister again in your concerts. Where did all this creativity come from? Who’s the “Idea-maker”?
K: They’re all Taec’s ideas! In fact he has always been a fan of girl groups.
T: We’re doing that just for the fun. And we hoped that the fans could see 2PM who’s not only charismatic on stage, luckily they all liked it. AND, I really am not THAT into girl groups. I just enjoy following their dance steps, please clarify that for me.

Nichkhun is now participating in variety show “We Got Married”, can Nichkhun himself express his thoughts on this show? May the members tell us how Nichkhun changes after he “got married”?
K: Of course it was very good! It was interesting during the shooting, and the response from people after it was played on the TV was pretty good. I’m glad.
T: Speaking of what Khun has transformed into… Khun is always laughing during the show, and it’s the kind of laugh that makes sound. Look! Just like now.
H: Like Wooyoung and I always appear on shows, but we usually look so lonely. Of course we want to participate in “We Got Married”! I think everyone in 2PM would want to, right? We can experience the married life, and if lucky, we can even do it with our ideal types!
T: (added afterwards to manager and the staff) Before “We Got Married” ends, please discuss with them and let us participate for once!

Do you know any Chinese artists? Is there any Chinese artist that you like or would like to collaborate with?
Members together: Wang Leehom, F4, Jay Chou (Khun was doing the gesture of playing piano, and spoke with a perfect Chinese accent, “The Secret that Cannot be Told”), SHE (K: acutally when I was in the US, my best friend was a Taiwanese and my friend always told me about SHE) and Jolin Choi.

Translated by nat@W2D
May be taken out with credits

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