September 17, 2010

2PM’s member Nichkhun’s honeymoon experience has been released

2PM’s member Nichkhun’s honeymoon experience has been released.

The September issue of “Elle Girl” released a couple photo shoot of 2PM’s Nichkhun and actress Kim Soyoung, and subsequently released a second issue within the same month, using picturesque Bali as an iconic backdrop (for a different photo shoot). The theme was “Enjoying a honeymoon independently”, and Nichkhun showed off a comfortable and relaxed disposition, having a natural smile. On site the photo shoot in Bali, Nichkhun had a different personality than the cute one usually shown on variety programmes; his quiet and reliable nature left a deep impression on the staff working with him

Nichkhun said: “At first my Korean wasn’t very good, so I used aegyo as a replacement, but actually I’m not the type to do aegyo. Taecyeon looks like a very tough guy, but he knows aegyo the best.” Another hot topic was his Twitter, and Nichkhun said: “Fans can now feel closer to me, and I can tell everyone what I’m thinking and my concerns; it’s all good and happy,” expressing a wish to get closer to fans. On touring America with the Wonder Girls, Nichkhun said: “We’re very fortunate, and I hope that 2PM can quickly become Korea’s best idol group, and I wish that I can showcase my music to more people from other countries.

Nichkhun’s charismatic side and honest interview can be found in the October issue of ELLE Girl and

Reported by: Lee Kyeongho
Credit: TVDaily

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