September 27, 2010

Which male group will dominate October?

Many big name idol groups are planning to return this October, and that means the K-pop world is bracing for yet another epic clash.

The four most anticipated groups set to comeback in October are SHINee, 2PM, B2ST, and J.Y.J.
SHINee’s comeback for their second album was extremely well received, as they had numerous wins with their title song, ‘Lucifer‘.  Although the song generated controversy in conspiracy theory circles, the boys proved to be a gigantic tidal wave that washed out many competitors. They will be returning with ‘Hello‘ on October 4th, and the song will be nostalgic for fans, as they will be going back to a cutesy concept.

It has been quite awhile since the original beast idols have been on stage, however, 2PM is planning to have a comeback next month as well. JYP Entertainment has stated, “We are planning to have them come back in October, however, it is not official.” The group is also currently set for a Japanese debut, as they are planning a showcase in December.

B2ST has hard proof that their comeback is generating mounds of anticipation, as the pre-0rders for their 3rd album, ‘Mastermind‘, has already shot up to the number one spot. With a military concept, they will be coming back with an aggressive sound in the title track, ‘Breath/Soom(숨)‘.

Although J.Y.J has been going through tough times, the three are set to return to Korean fans with a new album. Warner Music Korea is the current company that manages their songs, and on September 27th, they stated in an interview with Newsen, “We know that they are working on an album planned for October. We do not know the details.” Famous Korean producer, Kim Hyung Shik, is currently working on the album with the members.

As you can see, the upcoming month is definitely star-packed.

Who will you be cheering for?

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Credit: allkpop

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