September 10, 2010

2PM Nichkhun and 2AM Jo Kwon are tired

2AM’s Jo Kwon revealed a picture of himself and 2PM’s Nichkhun in the morning.
Jo Kwon posted this photo on his Twitter at 5 am on the 9th and wrote, “It’s morning.. work is done.. It’s raining this morning. My heart is more at ease while listening to music on this morning.. Khun&Kwon”.

Netizens commented that ‘Khun’ and ‘Kwon’ looked tired in the photo:
No way. Did they film for ‘We Got Married’ until this time?”
“And I thought reality shows would be easy. I don’t care if it’s a double date with Jo Kwon and Nichkhun. People need sleep!”

Credit: allkpop

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