September 05, 2010

[Fan Account] Kidolsblog Admin Super DeDe Expereince @ SM TOWN In LA

Note: I'm only posting the part of F(x)

Before the concert:

So my friend Amy came pick me up with her cousin and we were jamming to SM songs the whole time getting hyped up for SM TOWN. Right when we enter and saw the staples building we started to scream like a crazy fan haha. Afterward we just walk around staples and head to Koreaboo fan gathering. It was at LA Convention center. Well the funniest thing is when we were walking in the board stated SM TOWN meeting 511 we thought it was Koreaboo so we waited in line. As we waited we were looking around for other fans but we realize it was all snsd’s fans. We were like hm…this seems strange and let me tell you there were more fan boys than ever and it was soo cute. We were almost there and then we realize we stood in the wrong line =_= fail. Lucky Len Len texted me or else I would have looked even like a fool. Koreaboo
meeting was packed and crowded I got a heedictator fan though hands down to the girl that made 500 of them. Afterward my unnie Athena and her friends and I were just walking around Staples and NeNe called me and was like she saw groups of people running. Guess what? End up to be that Siwon was at starbucks. Yup =_= afterwards we were walking I took pictures of different type of fans but I couldn’t find any F(X) fans I swear they were doing ninja things. Then we were walking around and we saw elfs doing mob dances they were Chinese elfs of course your admin join in doing sorry sorry like an idiot hahaha. Little did I know there was an SM TOWN staff member recording I guess for the dvd and he kept focusing on our group and I scream SS3 LA like an idiot and in the end I scream EUNHYUK SARANG HAE n did a heart. I hope I don’t get cut out and I was filmed again for some odd reason I could sense the camera ROFL must be my leeteuk senses. Then we were lining up to get in and I wanted to be first so I was really in front. At that time I guess someone saw Shinee Taemin walk by and I was like omg isn’t that taemin in a beanie? Then I was push against the door (it was crazy) I was up against the door and I look in and I saw Leeteuk smiling waving and Siwon, Henry,Donghae, Eunhyuk staring at the mob of crazy fans.

Opening: The opening was good but I guess its cause most of the artists that a lot of people did not know so the opening were less crazy but overall they performed well. The grace voice is amazing only Sunny and Dana was there. Many of the fans supported all the artists we cheer on everyone but i wish the opening was more like BAM rather than a soft tempo song.
F(X): Right when Lachata song plays the crowd rose from their seat and went loco. I mean I went crazy. It was sad though because Amber wasn’t there. Ahh I really wished I saw Amber =_=. Victoria is so pretty I have to say that and Luna voice gave me chills. Shinee Minho shows up for Amber rapping part which was cute and that drives the fan even crazier. They performed Chu,Nu Abo, and Mr., Boogie. But I think the most hyped performance was Nu Abo everyone was dancing and screaming to the song. Jessica and Krystal also did their solo song it was hot and I totally laughed so hard when I see those fan boys in pink shirt that say power of 9 screaming like crazy for Jessica. Victoria spoke in Chinese and there were a lot of Chinese fans screaming for her and also Krystal kept thanking us for coming out.
Credit: DeDe @ Kidolsblog

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