September 04, 2010

F(x) vs Girls’ Generations, which SM girl group is the better fashionista?

Which girl group dressed better at the airport, F(x) or Girls’ Generation?

Members of SM entertainment have departed from korea 2 days ago and is headed for LA in preparations for the SM Town Live’10 World Tour.

On the day that F(x) and Girls’ Generation arrived at Incheon International Airport, a commemorative photo was taken. However, netizens are discussing who had the best fashion sense.

Girls’ Generation had the usual hot pants and short shorts that shows off their beautiful leg lines. As for F(x), each of them had their own style of clothing.

Netizens left comments stating “They wore pretty clothes”, “Girls’ Generation always looks pretty”, and “F(x) also dressed nicely”

Source: tvdaily’s Kim JiHyun
Translator: Francis
Credit&Shared By: Francis@aff(x)tion forums

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lol, love both of themmm^^.

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