September 01, 2010

Jay sent a text message to Nichkhun to say Happy Birthday

It has been reported that Jay Park and 2PM Nichkhun exchanged text messages for Nichkhun’s birthday.

During an interview with Daily Sports, Jay said, “I sent a text message on the 24th of June to say happy birthday to Nichkhun, and received a reply saying thank you. I’ve never contacted or met with the members but we don’t have a bad relationship. I’m happy that 2PM are doing well.”
However when asked whether he keeps in contact with other JYPE artists such as the Wonder Girls, he replied “I don’t think there is any reason for me to talk about my social life.”

He continued to say a message to 2PM. “I’m happy that the members’ album and other activities are going well. I’ll always be supporting them. If I ever get to see the other members, I’ll ask how they are doing. I’d like for us to be friends.”

Jay recently held a successful two day fan meet in Seoul on the 28th and 29th of August with 9000 fans attending. He returned to America on the 31st in preparation for his next event at ISA in Los Angeles on September 5th.

Credit: allkpop

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