September 07, 2010

Lee Jaejin wants Nichkhun to join F.T. Island?

F.T. Island, who recently won mutizen for their comeback track, ‘Love Love Love‘, was featured on tvN’s NewTon, where they shared stories about other members.

When asked, “Who is the most popular member during Japanese promotions,” Lee Hongki answered, “I’m the person who appears on screen the most,” to which the other members replied with, “When our Hongki is on camera, we struggled to show just our feet.” Choi Minhwan added that, “Since I play the drums, I can’t move,” which caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

In response to Lee Hongki’s confident comments, Lee Jaejin said, “Hongki-hyung is third place in our group in terms of looks… I want 2PM’s Nichkhun-hyung to join our group to break Hongki-hyung’s arrogance,” which aroused another round of laughter. On the other hand, Lee Hongki revealed that the person he wants to join the group is After School’s Lizzy.

Poor F.T. Island members get their thunder stolen by Hongki all the time, but I wonder who they consider to be the best looking member?

Credit: allkpop

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