September 03, 2010

Nichkhun the winking machine

2PM’s Nichkhun is catching the attention of netizens again with his winking charms.
Earlier today, Nichkhun tweeted a picture of himself with the caption, ‘The light falls perfectly on my face Causing my eyes to -_-. haha during the EnergySong shoot 2009‘.  Nichkhun’s cute charms are clearly captured in the picture, which shows him lying on the grass and squinting his left eye closed as if he were winking.
Netizens left comments saying,
‘So cute’
‘My heart is fluttering’
‘I wish I were lying next to you’
‘I haven’t seen you with such short hair in a while’
‘Looks like you need sunglasses’
Does Nichkhun make you swoon too?

Credit: allkpop

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