September 04, 2010

SBS PD apologizes for calling 2PM, 2AM and SHINee ‘pieces of trash’

As reported earlier, an SBS variety show PD stirred up controversy by posting on his Twitter,

“I’m just roughly working on a special episode with 2PM, SHINee and 2AM, those pieces of trash haha.”

The term ‘나부랭이‘ or ‘pieces of trash’ is a term used to call something or someone you think cheaply of, or literally just ‘pieces of trash’.

This tweet caught the attention of netizens and many scolded the PD, believing it was wrong for him to call idol groups ‘pieces of trash’, while other netizens believed it was an insignificant tweet written to his close colleagues and that people should not react so sensitively.

On the afternoon of the 4th, the PD finally spoke up and wrote on his Twitter:

“Hmm it looks like Twitter is definitely not a space for privacy!! For those who may have felt uncomfortable with the term ‘pieces of trash’, I’m sorry. Please understand that I was just joking around as they are my close colleagues hehe 2PM 2AM SHINee are most definitely not pieces of trash, they are our precious guests for the show hehe”

Credit: allkpop

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