August 30, 2010

21 Korean music industry experts rank top idols!

A group of 21 Korean music industry experts recently came together and participated in a survey that picked the best of the best idols in a variety of categories.

With idol groups taking over the music market, it’s an unending battle on the internet, between netizens in deciding which idol has the best vocal talents with the use of MR (Music Recorded) removed videos to potentially help arguments.

The experts that participated are as follows:
Im Jinmo, Bae Soontak, Sung Woojin, Kang Taekyu,

Han Dongyoon , HyunHyun Writer Kim (Public Music Critics)

Lee Munhee (Public Culture Critic)

Yoon Ilsang (Crazy Park Writer)

Park Jin (Universal Music, Korean Music Executive Director)

An Seokjun (Mnet Media, Director of Headquarters)

Kim Bonghwan (Neo Wiz Internet Bugs Music PD)

Kim Sangyoung (KT Music Contents Management Chief)

Kim Hyungjoong (Mnet Media MRookies PD)

Kim Sewon (KBS Radio PD)

Lee Daehwa (EBS Radio Music Director)

Jo Areum (MBC Radio Writer)

An Jaepil (EBS Radio Writer)

So Songgeun (CBS Radio Writer)

Kang Ilkwon (Rhythmer Editor)

Rankings under the cut.

Category: Vocal Talent

1. Lee Haeri (Davichi) – 19 points

2. Taeyang (Big Bang) – 18 points

3. Lee Changmin (2AM), Taeyeon (SNSD) – 15 points

Crazy Park, writer of MC Mong’s Bad Movie, stated, “Lee Haeri has a very nice vocal tone and is able to express any type of song with perfect tune pronunciations.”

Sung Woojin, public music critic, stated, “Lee Changmin has a singing style that lets you know he’s got the basics down. He’s able to take on a variety of genres because of that.”

Writer Yoon Ilsang stated, “Taeyeon’s also got the basics down and it’s not only vocally where she excels in but dance as well. She’s got the potential to try a variety of genres.”

Category: Dance

1. Taeyang (Big Bang) – 23 points

2. Kahi (After School) – 21 points

3. Hyuna (4minute) - 19 points

Lee Daehwa, EBS’s music director, stated, “Kahi has the background of a ong-time back dancer. Her charismatic image also helps bring out the flare in her dances.”

Kim Bonghwa, PD of Bugs Music, stated, “Hyuna has a tendency to focus completely on her dance. She’s got a strong, charismatic way of dancing that controls even the way the strands of her hair moves.”

Category: All-around Entertainer

1. Jo Kwon (2AM) – 38 points

2. Lee Teuk (Super Junior) – 18 points

3. Heechul (Super Junior) – 9 points

Kang Taekyu, public music critic, stated, “Jo Kwon is born to be an entertainer. He’s like a machine where you can press anything and he’ll come up with something.”

Kim Bonghwa, PD of Bugs Music, stated, “From vocal talent to performances to witty statements, he’s an entertainer to the bone with nothing lacking. He’s even full of confidence.”

Category: Potential for solo success

1. Taeyang (Big Bang) – 6 recommendations

2. Jo Kwon (2AM), G-Dragon (Big Bang) – 5 recommendations

3. Lee Hongki (FT Island), Jonghyun (SHINee), Taeyeon (SNSD) – 2 recommendations

Lee Munwon, public culture critic, stated, “G-Dragon tends to directly show his influence in the songs he writes, but he definitely has the presence and uniqueness that can help him mature from an idol into an artist.”

Im Jinmo, public music critic, actually chose 2PM’s Nichkhun for his handsome looks and friendly personality while the executive director of Universal Music, Park Jin, chose Hyuna for her “endless charisma and talent and the way she works hard for everything. The start of the Wonder Girls fandom began with former member Hyuna.”

Source: Donga Journal

Credits: AKP

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