August 12, 2010

Khun humiliates Minjae manager

2PM's Nichkhun 'photo humiliated' his manager.

On the 11th on his personal Twitter, he uploaded a selca of himself with his manager sleeping on a couch. The manager had no idea that Nichkhun had taken a picture.

Nichkhun added the message "Minjae hyung I'm sorry." In the picture, Nichkhun is seen wearing a white singlet and smiles awkwardly. The manager did not know anything, sleeping with his two hands neatly together, which made the picture funnier.

The netizens who have seen this picture responded with funny comments such as "Nichkhun wearing that tank top looks better looking than when I take a picture trying to look good", "Nichkhun the Prince", "It's a good thing that the manager is sleeping modestly."


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