August 14, 2010

Victoria’s surprise birthday party for Nichkhun is successful

In the last episode, Victoria had surprised many by preparing a 9-dish meal for her husband, Nichkhun’s birthday.

On the episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on the 14th, Victoria planned a surprise birthday party for Nichkhun. At the site of their meeting, Victoria had asked Nichkhun to go buy her some water, and while her husband was out running her errand, she got ready for his surprise.
Along with the impressive 9-dish meal, she also prepared a birthday cake and even sang him Happy Birthday in four languages when he returned.
Guys are known to be suckers for good food, and Victoria had definitely moved Nichkhun with her impressive cooking. Victoria, known to be quite reliant on the internet, had looked up her husband’s favorites and prepared his favorite vanilla ice cream.
Victoria even sent her regards to his parents and stated, “I want to send my thanks to the parents who raised my husband Nichkhun into this handsome and respectable singer.”

Victoria not only won over Nichkhun’s heart with good food on this day, but also with her nice personality. Kudos for Victoria for preparing such an impressive birthday party for her husband!

Credit: allkpop

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